Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Liberdy: A Key to Take Control of Your Personal Data

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Personal data are personal information that reflects things specific to you. For instance, your age, sex, location and height are all personal data. They include other qualities that are unique to you. Most social media sites (Instagram, Google, Facebook and Twitter) get access to this information. These social media sites transfer this information to advertisers who use them to target users with campaigns tailored to their interest.

This is what birthed the concept of Liberdy. With Liberdy, users can get access to their data and monetize its usage. Liberdy makes available a platform where users’ data can be aggregated and de-personalized. It is also stored and sold to interested advertisers while the user gets paid for this. In other words, any advertiser will not purchase information about Paul Green. Rather, they are getting data that doesn’t provide identifying information. As a result, Liberdy will not tell the advertiser you are a male in the age range of 30 to 35. Liberdy will rather reveal that a user identified with the category “Male Age 30 – 35” is browsing a particular site at the moment. Hence, the advertising agent can bring forth relevant ads that target their information.

The past couple of years have been marked with booming growth in data generation. A number of experts have predicted a large trend as total data creation increases. As a result, there is the need to monitor the usage and distribution of this information.

For any marketing operation to be successful, data holds the key. However, just a few of the giant companies control trillions of data. These few companies control over 75% of the data available to the whole market.
On sharing your personal information with companies, you give them access to raw data. These are information that helps them provide contents that is of interest to you. Asides, this act also helps in growing the digital advertising sector, while you get paid nothing! Liberdy aims to shake the entire data industry by ensuring that data owners are brought into the system.

The main aim of Liberdy is to allow data to be treated as goods. Thus, with Liberdy, users get paid every time someone uses data that contains your personal information.

Liberdy will leverage on the power of the GDPR bill, the new EU regulation alongside the power of blockchain technology. With Liberdy, there will be a fair, plain digital advertising company that works based on the permission given. The GDPR transfers the ownership of the data to the users. It also mandates all online company to make available a free copy. With this, Liberdy gets access to the app where users can manage it. This is where user information is uploaded, verified and extracted.

Liberdy gives users the power to reclaim their personal information that is critical to the growth of any e-business. Liberdy provides a new era for data and its users. With this innovation, you also receive a bite of the cake!
Without a doubt, with the promises that Liberdy service promises, its service will be welcomed. This I presume as many businesses will love to avoid issues with the European legislation which comes with stiff penalties. To learn more about Liberdy or participate in their Token Generation Event, kindly click any of these links; website, whitepaper, telegram, twitter, facebook.
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Monday, June 18, 2018

How Blockchain Can Help SMBs Compete with the Big Dogs

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A few days ago, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, testified before Congress about the measures taken by the social media giant to protect users’ data. And if there is a theme that emerged in the testimony, it is the significant role that big data analytics play in business success.

It is no wonder that a good number of the world largest corporations including Facebook, Google, and Twitter are in the business of selling marketing insights. One area of big data analytics that has recently attracted a lot of attention from corporations, politicians, and government agencies in sentiment analysis.

This method involves analyzing comments and suggestions left on social media sites and identifying their attitude towards a brand by using variables such as emotion, tone, and context. While the number of likes and followers a business gains on social media are essential, it is the users’ reactions towards the brand or the product that counts. Firms must, therefore, understand the emotional and logical responses of their target audience to be able to market to them effectively.

Sentiment analysis gives businesses insights to better understand the language of their target audiences and adjust their products and marketing approach accordingly. Politicians use it to understand what interests a specific voting bloc and create political campaigns to match their interests accordingly.

While there is no doubt that big data analytics including sentiment analysis are of vital importance to businesses in this age of IoT, they aren’t affordable to all. However, with blockchain, SMBs can now leverage big data analytics without having to worry about costs or compliance.

For instance, SENNO, a Neo based platform, is the first combining blockchain and Artificial Neural Networks in sentiment analysis, allowing businesses to tap into the data at lower costs. Using this platform, businesses don’t have to incur the costs of setting up big data infrastructure. They just need to connect to the SENNO network through an API, and and the sentiment analysis is done for them.

Apart from lowering implementation costs, the project seeks to help businesses become compliant with big data regulatory requirements. In May this year, a new and very stringent big data regulation known as the GDPR will come into effect, impacting how businesses in Europe and all over the world collect and manage their users’ data. The compliance is expected to be very costly, effectively locking out firms without the resources to comply out of the big data analytics game.

However, with blockchain tech, businesses will be able to to enjoy big data’s fruits at a lower cost and with all it’s advantages. When it comes to data protection, blockchain offers the most advanced solutions as it applies encryption and hashing to protect data and is not easy to hack given its distributed nature. The only problem with the blockchain in relation to the GDPR is that data stored on it is not erasable.Nevertheless, with the rate at which blockchain tech is developing, there is no doubt that a solution to this challenge will be found.

Either way, businesses tapping into blockchain solutions have nothing to worry about given that the burden of compliance is no longer on their shoulders. Also, with new solutions being developed, businesses will soon be able to leverage the power of AI without incurring the enormous costs involved in setting up and implementing an independent AI strategy.

In marketing, artificial neural networks are involved to gather and extract actionable insights from big data. The best thing about these networks is that they can learn from data and therefore increase accuracy with time. In sentiment analysis, neural networks are responsible for identifying and classifying emotions in texts, therefore, enabling targeted marketing. As blockchain solutions for big data analytics continue to develop, SMBs will be able to use them to gain a competitive edge.
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Friday, June 15, 2018

Masternode Profile - Stipend (SPD)

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In the coming days, I’ll be doing a profile on a few notable masternode coins. The profile will feature basic information about the coin and will highlight some of the metrics I use to evaluate a masternode to see if it's worth investing in.

The first coin we’ll discuss is Stipend (SPD). Stipend is a favorite coin for many in the MN community. I’ve personally set this one up many times for clients. At its core, the Stipend project is gearing up to be a decentralized platform for freelancers. It will have similar features to Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, etc. A notable difference is that the cost to run an ad on the platform will be drastically less than the 10-20% these centralized players charge now.

Is it Just Another Masternode (JAM)?

No, this coin has a unique vision amongst the other masternode coins. The development team is building a product that is in high demand and the established players could use more competition.

Development Community

This is where SPD shines. Great team of developers. Currently, there are 117 commits on their Github - a leader for the masternode coins. There have been 22 releases over the 4 months this coin has been around.

This coin had a recent attack to exploit a bug in the difficulty configuration. The devs were able to quickly resolve the issue and do a hard fork. Unfortunately, more issues were discovered so the coin has forked twice since then to version 4.0 in just a few weeks. All that being said, the devs work quickly, but if you want to ensure you don't get booted off the main chain, you need to actively watch the Announcements section of their Discord.

Reward Structure

To run a masternode, you need 5000 SPD. The daily payout is roughly 25-50 SPD. That is an ROI of ~180% - 360%. Quite fair as the price of the coin has remained stable compared to the rest of the crypto market. You can beef up your earnings by staking your masternode rewards after every 250-500 SPD you earn. This will earn you an extra 10 SPD every 2-3 days.

Keep in mind that the reward payouts are changing and in a few weeks (at block 240,000) the reward structure will go down to 12 SPD per payment from 25 SPD.

Exchange Volume / Listings

Currently, SPD is only trading on Crypto-bridge (CB). A recent announcement was made that IDAX will also list SPD at the end of June. Despite only being on CB, the daily volume of SPD has been 50K-150K USD more than enough to buy a masternode without much price movement.

Should you get this Masternode?

Yes, you should.

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DEEP AERO – A New Age Drone Ecosystem Built On Blockchain Technology & AI

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Humanity travels more than ever before, not only in terms of vacations but also on a daily basis. A very great percentage of workers utilize a car as their form of transportation every single day. Many companies depend on vehicles like cars and trucks in order to carry out their operations. Just look at some of the biggest companies like Amazon, vehicles are an absolute necessity for them. However, current measures are not always efficient or as profitable as they can be. When companies like Amazon have such high turnover rates, every single penny saved equates to millions of dollars each year, which is why companies always are on the lookout for new and innovative technology.

One of the solutions to the transport and logistics industry is the use of drones. This solution comes with a range of benefits, including lower operational costs, which is exactly what companies want. At the moment, this solution is just being explored by the industry, it is not yet fully in use. Some of the reasons why it still isn’t being fully used are that management of these drones isn’t optimized in a network and that drones aren’t developed to meet the need of the industry. A project that aims to change this, is Deep Aero. They are creating an ecosystem for drones and drone services built on blockchain, powered by AI technology.

Drone services for the people, not just businesses

Drones obviously have a ton of potential to improve the logistics industry. Companies can use drones to ship out products, even big cargos. Making a drone fly to a destination is cheaper than using a truck because it doesn’t require any human operator, isn’t limited by traffic or constructing issues, it simply just flies through the air. But even though there is a huge market for drones in a business-oriented sense, Deep Aero wants to give everyone access to drone services. The most exciting of these is drone taxis. Yes, you will literally be able to order a drone just like a taxi and get it to fly you to your desired destination. A truly futuristic like experience. Everything will be offered on the same platform, whether you want to order drone parts, order a parcel service, a drone taxi or something else. The entire drone platform will be using Deep Aero’s own token, the DRONE token.

Deep Aero token sale

The Deep Aero project is currently conducting their ICO, selling their token, the DRONE token, which is going to be used within the Deep Aero ecosystem once it is complete. If you are interested in the token sale and want to participate in it, then please visit their official site here https://www.deepaero.com/

Deep Aero introduction video

Learn more
If you find this project interesting and wish to learn more about it or their token sale, you can visit the following links below and read their whitepaper. To keep yourself up to date on the project, you can follow their social media accounts also linked below.

Website: https://www.deepaero.com/

Whitepaper: https://www.deepaero.com/docs/DEEP-AERO-White-paper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/deepaerodrones

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DeepAeroDrones
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Thursday, June 14, 2018

$ZCL #ZClassic - getting ready for the next pump action!

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Today we have quite an interesting coin ZCLBTC that I have been trading myself quite some times. Just a little story about it first, ZCLBTC had a 9900% gain last year before the BitcoinPrivate Fork, went from $2 to $220 and then back to $5. Now, a few months back there were rumours that ZClassic is forking again, so people started FOMO-ing into it. Here comes the funny part, ZClassics' Twitter is controlled by BitcoinPrivate people who posted at the price of $40 that they do not know anything about a fork and any rumors are fake, this leads to a 50% crash within a few days. 3 days later BitcoinAnonymous presented the team publicly. Unfortunately, the price did not go up again since then but it is not crashing completely. #CryptoTwitter The ANON Team is legit and forking Bitcoin and ZClassic on September 1:1 with a possibility to get a master node with just 100 ANON. So if you want a master node, get yourself 100 ZCL and leave it there until the fork, I think CCA also already mentioned this once before.

Alright, now back into the short time chart,, keeping it as simple as possible and making it easy to learn.

The first thing that is important to look at is the big and strong buy zone between 150000 and 145000 satoshi. Here the chart bounces off very clearly and does not cross it below. So whenever you see ZCLBTC in this region and there are no negative news or other external influences, it is a good point to buy.

Next are the two blue dotted and the green dotted lines. These are basically small support and resistance lines in the Channel between 145000 and 200000. The first blue line is there to confirm an upward movement. Then followed by the green line, which when is broken, will almost guarantee a push to the second blue line. Whereas, when the green line is not broken, it will most likely go down to the buy zone. SO, breaking the strong green and the weak second blue line, the chart goes up to the 200000 line and has to decide, what will happen next.

You have to know that the 200000 line was previously a strong support line but now has turned into a strong resistance line. So, after crossing it already twice, ZCLBTC has failed to continue the push and has retraced back to the dotted lines and finally the buy zone.

The thing with the support and resistance lines is, that you will never hit it unlimited times. It is like hitting a wall with sledge hammer and if you hit it hard (big volume) and quite some times (here already 2, mostly it breaks by the 3rd or 4th time), it will break (all orders sitting there will be filled) and allow the chart to test the next resistance. Basically after hitting 200000 3 times with big volume, we should see ZCLBTC rising above it and trying out the next resistance at 220000. So, after hitting 220000 we would see the 200000 line turn into a support again. on which we should not bounce a lot off because then the buy order will get filled and we will see the 150000 again.

So again, resistance represents many sell orders and hitting these will have less and less sell orders the next time. Support represents buy orders sitting at that level and bouncing off support too many times will cause less buy orders at that level, what raises the chance of going to the next level of support (with a lot of buy orders). I recommend checking the order book on the exchanges you are trading. These order books really show you great levels of support and resistance as well as where you should put your buy or sell order (before the big amount, so yours gets filled).

As little side note, ZCL-BTC is a very nice example of how much cryptos love round numbers. Just take a look a look at all of these lines and keep it in mind for the other coins, that you take a look at.
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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Two Tips To Keep Your Online Activity- And Your Bitcoin- Safer

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Staying safe online is becoming tougher and tougher. We are now in a period where cyber-attacks are becoming a part of daily life and which not only affect individuals but whole countries.

Recently it was suggested that North Korea has begun attacking other countries internet systems in order to disrupt and put pressure on their enemies. It was reported by bbc.co.uk that North Korea was behind and recent wannacry security hack that affected the NHS in the UK and put pressure on services in the United States.

With so many people trying to steal your details it is very important to ensure that you are taking the relevant precautions to keep your bitcoin wallet as safe as possible. As nashas.com always say, bitcoin wallets are incredibly secure, but you can never be too safe with your general data and your online info.

There are so many simple steps that people often ignore or say ‘it’ll never happen to me’ rather than taking less than an hour out of their day to install a couple of programs to ensure their computers are well protected. Here are two of the best, and most simple tips, to keep you and your loved ones safe whenever they hit the web.

Install a VPN 

A VPN, or virtual private network, allows you to browse the web more securely and most importantly, more privately than if you do not use one. It is particularly useful if you are on a public wifi which is normally full of people trying to hack away in and take people’s data.

These networks are regularly insecure and poorly monitored and could turn your trip to the coffee shop with your laptop into a nightmare. A VPN creates a private network within a public one which acts as a shield, almost like a cover, for your browsing session.

As the VPN market is flooded with options, you can find impartial reviews, like at securethoughts.com/express-vpn-review/ which aims to help you find out whether a certain provider fits your needs. Not only will you learn more about a great VPN but also more about why they are essential to protect you online. They stop other people getting into your private bubble and will lock down any bitcoin activity you engage in while on the web.

Make Sure Your Antivirus Is Up To Date 

Antivirus software often feels a bit like a net under a tightrope walker, you hope they will never have to use it but you are glad they have it there. A lot of people use antiviruses to protect their computers and they are often very helpful and can give you great peace of mind, especially if they have special programs dedicated to keeping you safe online.

The main thing to keep in mind is you must make sure it is up to date. An out of date antivirus protection is almost worse than having nothing at all. It can have all kinds of holes and bugs that have been ironed out by a new update. So when it pops up on your screen asking to update make sure to say yes right away.

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Tokenization May Distrupt Private Equity, and That's a Good Thing

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Disrupting Private Equity while maintaining traditional standards seems inevitable, and that day might be dawning now.

Tokenization May Distrupt Private Equity, and That's a Good Thing

Advantages and Drawbacks of Private Equity

Private equity can be a reliable wealth-generation tool, particularly for investors who are interested in becoming involved in new industries but lack the expertise to master an entirely new and complicated market. Private equity firms raise cash from a small group of wealthy investors and use the money to invest in assets (such as companies or real estate). Over a period that can take from five to nine years, firms nurture holdings in the fund before entering a harvest period in which the firm sells off assets, shuts down the fund, and returns capital and profits to investors.

The traditional private equity model eschews the burdens of stockholder governance by working with only a small group of accredited investors, which means that initial buy-ins to the fund are often prohibitively expensive for many would-be contributors. Private equity also suffers from a lack of liquidity. Investors who part with their money do so for several years, as funds get tied-up in the project of improving assets. There’s no way for investors to regain liquidity until the fund starts winding down. The wind-down period is subject to a strict schedule set when the fund is first established, and that schedule often forces fund managers to sell assets before they’re mature or in a lousy market, lessening the funds’ profits.

Tokenized Asset Offerings

ICOs, or initial coin offerings, made so much money in 2017 that they’ve attracted significant interest in 2018 from mainstream investment institutions. The popular messaging app Telegram raised a record $1.7 billion in token sales during its ICO, working entirely through private transactions with accredited investors. Tokens are no longer fringe investment products.

But many newcomers to the crypto world might have significant hesitations over sinking millions of dollars into an ICO, and with good reason. Bitcoin News concluded that 46% of ICOs launched in 2017 had failed by early 2018. Many experienced crypto traders worry that Telegram’s ICO reflects a wild over-valuation, and inexperienced crypto investors who hold onto their tokens for too long will be in for a nasty shock once the market adjusts accordingly.

ICOs offer tokens intended for use on a platform that doesn’t exist yet. Companies (theoretically) use token sales to finance the completion and launch of the platform, though token purchasers receive no legal guarantee that the platform will ever indeed exist as promised. While waiting for the platform to appear, token purchasers and resellers speculate on the future value of the token. Such speculation results in wild price swings and has drawn the attention of the SEC, which claims that these tokens are securities even if they’re intended to be utility tokens eventually.

But a new breed of token sales is emerging in 2018. Tokenized Asset Offerings, or TAOs, sell tokens that represent the fractional ownership of assets, such as real estate, diamonds, etc. Speculation on such tokens’ future values should be much less volatile than ICO tokens because the value of the tokens are backed by real assets and not the promise of creating value through a to-be-built product and company.

While much tension exists in the regulatory and ICO communities over whether ICO tokens are securities or not, TAO tokens are sold as securities. Token sellers comply with SEC regulations right off the bat, lessening any future upheaval when the SEC inevitably expands its involvement in the cryptocurrency world.

Muirfield Investment Partners

Private equity firm Muirfield Investment Partners is poised to change private equity by introducing tokenization solutions with a rumored TAO later in 2018. The firm’s founder, Tom Zaccagnino, started his professional life in tech disruption before moving into private equity real estate and ultimately founding Muirfield. Muirfield realized that tokenization represented an ideal tool to disrupt and improve how private equity works.

Muirfield is rumored to be launching a sale of EVER tokens soon. These tokens represent fractional ownership shares in a real estate private equity investment vehicle managed by Muirfield. Muirfield specializes in opportunistic real estate investments and the investment team has decades of experience in all facets of real estate.

Tokenization solves two of the most prominent drawbacks of the private equity world. EVER tokens’ connection to the central fund is inscribed in the token's immutable blockchain ledger, which means the tokens can be bought and sold on public exchanges while maintaining their ownership stakes. Smart contracts built into the tokens help to ensure regulatory compliance with little if any active oversight from Muirfield, ensuring that token sales stay compliant with regulations regarding investor accreditation and jurisdiction. These factors allow Muirfield to efficiently fractionalize ownership in the fund, far reducing the initial capital individual investors need to participate. Muirfield intends to distribute the tokens to 99 US investors and additional foreign investors.

Token holders who need liquidity can access it by selling their tokens to other investors. Such sales generate cash for the token holder but don’t require Muirfield to sell any assets out of the fund. In fact, the fund never has to close because investors can access liquidity at any time. Without a strict harvesting period, Muirfield can manage the fund with an eye towards long-term growth, selling assets only in favorable conditions and reinvesting revenue in further fund growth.

Blockchain could change private equity for the better. Muirfield Investment Partners’ TAO will lead the way into a better, tokenized private equity sphere.
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