Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Liberdy: A Key to Take Control of Your Personal Data

Personal data are personal information that reflects things specific to you. For instance, your age, sex, location and height are all personal data. They include other qualities that are unique to you. Most social media sites (Instagram, Google, Facebook and Twitter) get access to this information. These social media sites transfer this information to advertisers who use them to target users with campaigns tailored to their interest.

This is what birthed the concept of Liberdy. With Liberdy, users can get access to their data and monetize its usage. Liberdy makes available a platform where users’ data can be aggregated and de-personalized. It is also stored and sold to interested advertisers while the user gets paid for this. In other words, any advertiser will not purchase information about Paul Green. Rather, they are getting data that doesn’t provide identifying information. As a result, Liberdy will not tell the advertiser you are a male in the age range of 30 to 35. Liberdy will rather reveal that a user identified with the category “Male Age 30 – 35” is browsing a particular site at the moment. Hence, the advertising agent can bring forth relevant ads that target their information.

The past couple of years have been marked with booming growth in data generation. A number of experts have predicted a large trend as total data creation increases. As a result, there is the need to monitor the usage and distribution of this information.

For any marketing operation to be successful, data holds the key. However, just a few of the giant companies control trillions of data. These few companies control over 75% of the data available to the whole market.
On sharing your personal information with companies, you give them access to raw data. These are information that helps them provide contents that is of interest to you. Asides, this act also helps in growing the digital advertising sector, while you get paid nothing! Liberdy aims to shake the entire data industry by ensuring that data owners are brought into the system.

The main aim of Liberdy is to allow data to be treated as goods. Thus, with Liberdy, users get paid every time someone uses data that contains your personal information.

Liberdy will leverage on the power of the GDPR bill, the new EU regulation alongside the power of blockchain technology. With Liberdy, there will be a fair, plain digital advertising company that works based on the permission given. The GDPR transfers the ownership of the data to the users. It also mandates all online company to make available a free copy. With this, Liberdy gets access to the app where users can manage it. This is where user information is uploaded, verified and extracted.

Liberdy gives users the power to reclaim their personal information that is critical to the growth of any e-business. Liberdy provides a new era for data and its users. With this innovation, you also receive a bite of the cake!
Without a doubt, with the promises that Liberdy service promises, its service will be welcomed. This I presume as many businesses will love to avoid issues with the European legislation which comes with stiff penalties. To learn more about Liberdy or participate in their Token Generation Event, kindly click any of these links; website, whitepaper, telegram, twitter, facebook.


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