Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Investing Smart in 2018: Infinex Masternode Coin

Infinex is a DASH and Bitcoin core cloned masternode coin which aims at becoming the major crypto player. The project is very young but has dynamic growth for its terms of specs, rewards, and distribution. In addition, it's not just a coin, it's an entire blockchain solution, so it's good time to invest in Infinex.


How to invest in Masternode project?

The best time to invest in a masternode coin is at the beginning of the project when the price expected to remain low. A mature masternode coin needs huge money while pre-mature project needs a small amount. Most masternode coins are not listed on large exchanges like Binance, OKEx_, Bitfinex, Bittrex or Huobi. You will need to get them at smaller exchanges like Coinsmarkets, Cryptopia, Tradesatoshi or NovaExchange. IMO, that's the smart money shops for new coins.

Every investor knows that investing in cryptocurrency is putting money at risk, however, the risk-reward on Infinex investment is extremely high. The project is only a few months old and the masternode is still in reasonable price that anyone can afford. Infinex masternode allocation is 1000 IFX which costs around $1200-$1300 at the time of writing this special piece for you.

The best place to know all the details about a coin before and after investing is So, I'm requesting you to check out Infinex at there via this link.

Remember to make sure you know the community. A good project should have a professional looking website, official Twitter, and an active community on either Discord or Slack. With that in mind, Infinex gets 9.5 out of 10 if I can rate them.

Investing for future 

Infinex is not just a coin, it's a decentralized network system. It has its own decentralized exchange currently in Alpha 2 phase, apparently about to launch soon. Moreover, anyone can build applications on Infinex platform, it will work like an app store. Also, Infinex will create live streaming, social networking, and multiplayer gaming Apps. A pure use case driven digital currency Infinex automatically adds value to the coins as they will be used for transactions in all the applications.

Infinex masternode is an amazing investment indeed and provide huge incentives to investors for holding and for promoting the network, also they help to make the network secure. Infinex is the most secure and stable blockchain in overall. With a unique initiative of reducing the block creation difficultly without compromising the security of the blockchain.

Finally, you can buy yourself some Infinex (IFX) on this exchange. Or join Discord to get your very own masternode today. Best wishes for your smart investment and happy earning.

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