Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Efir.io - the only Blockchain based platform with more than 170k bloggers

Efir wants to bring innovation to the advertising market, focusing on the bloggers and internet influencers which has become a much more effective way to showcase and push products and services than regular ads. With their communities of thousands of fans and supporters, they are much more trustworthy for the customers, therefore, more reliable when offering products. A marketer gets an access to a database of various bloggers and can easily set up campaign details with them and set up the deal through the ecosystem. The platform offers features not only for advertisers and bloggers but also it-services, media specialists, qz-investors and whole agencies. For example, media specialists could offer bloggers workshops or lessons to improve the advertising quality, as today's internet allows anyone to become a star without even going out of his own room. The platform would allow them to increase the quality of content and advertisement while working in a professional team. Open API will allow developers to build services based on the ecosystem. The token will act as the main mean of payment to power all of the transactions. All the projects, including the ones launched by Efir or those that have joined through the open API, generate the demand for tokens. Efir starts only those projects that generate this demand. The site design, as well as the content of whitepapers and other documentation, is on a very high level and provides all of the necessary information making it not only easy to research the project but also encouraging.


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