Thursday, August 17, 2017

The 4 Best Budgeting and Personal Finance Apps

Let's face it, planning and budgeting can be hard, especially when we are being constantly bombarded by adverts, social media, and the general cheapness of things available whenever you want. So, we've compiled a small list of awesome apps that will help you stay on track with your budgeting, whether you are saving for a vacation, school, a home, or retirement!
  1. Mint Money Manager: I have a friend who swears by this program. It helps you to create a simple and manageable budget, collates all of your finances (accounts, cards, finances) into one place, and links to your bank account so you can keep track of your spending in real time. It also alerts you to any unusual activity, and includes your credit score. I love that it provides a holistic view of your money, as well as provide handy tips for saving and managing.
  2. Good Budget: Remember how when you got your allowance, your parents used to divide it up into different envelopes- one for saving, one for spending at the store, etc? Well, Good Budget is like a digital envelope system that helps you to visualize and divide up your spending, so you can always know how much you have allotted to something and how much is left for the month. It conveniently syncs across devices, so if you share a budget with someone you always know where you are at and where money is going. 
  3. Home Budget: This is for the inner geek in you, as it gives you a ton of control and ability to see and track recurring expenses, broken down by month/date/category. You can attach photos of receipts, gives you bill reminders, trend charts and pie/bar charts so you can really break down your expenses. You do unfortunately have to buy the app on each device, but it is definitely useful for those who want this type of flexibility. 
  4. Spendee: Although it is not a traditional budgeting app, it is a great way to see where your money goes. It is very user friendly, free (!!), and allows you to create different 'wallets' for different purposes. Plus, you can tag and track your transactions with real time sync across devices. 


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