Friday, August 25, 2017

How To Access ‘must signup to read…’ type Websites without Registering

Let's say you’re browsing the web and at one point you click a link to an article on a site (eg. but instead of getting the article you get a screen asking you to sign in or register. Even though there may be a good reason behind it, I hate when this happens especially when I am forced to complete signup knowing that it’s my first and only visit that website.

A cool thing about the internet is that whatever is expensive or annoying never lasts long, one way or another user will find a way around it. For above problem, we got which can instantly provide you with bogus username/pass combination for almost 150.000 ‘must register to access’ websites(news sites, forums, social networks and so on). There are 3 ways you can use bugmenot
  • 1. go to, enter URL of the website into provided field and press ‘get logins’
  • 2. OR get bugmeornot bookmarklet by simply adding to your bookmarks. Once done, simply click on a bookmarklet next time you need bogus login details
  • 3. OR install bugmeornot Firefox add-on.
Things are rather straightforward here so you should be just fine getting it to work in no time If you experience some unexpected problems check out bugmenot’s FAQ section here. You may also have a look there in case you’re bothered about ethical issues related to the service. All users account available at were originally submitted by other users for public use. In case you’ll like it and at particular point come across a website not listed in bugmenot’s database consider submitting one yourself to make it better. Enjoy!
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