Friday, August 18, 2017

8 Tips to build your personal brand

Personal branding has become a highly used word these days. Let us first understand what personal branding is? Your personal brand is how people see you and how you are portrayed in front of people. Personal branding is done similarly as one would brand his/her company. In this, your qualities, values, skills and your choices will be highlighted to make an image for you. The personal brand is not your style or how you carry yourself, it is how your clients see you and know you for. Personal branding is essential in building your career. So if you want to know how to build personal brand keep reading.

Here are 8 tips to build your personal brand

Get to know yourself

The very first thing in personal branding knows what you are as a brand. You need to note all your qualities. Write down some adjectives that describe you or should describe you. Make sure how you want to be viewed by others. Then, take some time to assess the market that you want to brand yourself for. Make a note about the qualities that would work for that marker.

Build a platform

Now since you have chosen the things that would define your brand, you need a platform to showcase it. Choose your platform. You might get a website to promote yourself and social media to back you up. Sites like LinkedIn are also a great platform to brand you. These sites have potential clients that can look at your brand and work with you.

Make yourself better

Once you have decided all the qualities you want as a brand, become an expert in them. Self-help is the best help. You need to be an expert in all the things you choose as your brand qualities. Like if you say that you are an exceptional writer, trying being one. Always remember false claim does not sell the brand. Imagine if apple told people how amazing their I phone was and then gave them a phone that stopped working after a month or did not deliver as per the expectations, should they be such a big brand today. Similarities you need to deliver what you promise.

Update your resume

Whatever skills that you have perfected should immediately go to your resume. It is also advisable to keep revamping your resume every 6 to 9 months. This gives you a check on your success and also gets you more clients. Also, pay attention to the small details, sometimes there are things that you don’t see but are a turn off to the potential client.

Promote yourself

You are the promoter of your own brand, so do not leave any stone unturned. Promote yourself in anyway possible. If you are on social media, show people your talents. If you are a writer post an article or a story. If you are a musician post your music videos. If you’re a photographer you can upload your photos. If you cannot post anything then try and join various online groups and start advising people. This will make you popular amongst them and hence profit your brand.
Apart from online promotion, do not forget to promote yourself offline. Be actively involved in activities around you, talk to your peers and maintain good terms. Give lectures on the topics you are good at or readily head some large project.

Take care of your looks

The way you dress and the way you carry yourself says a lot about you. Remember, the first impression is the last impression. Whatever first impression you will give to a person will always stay in their mind. Dress properly, groom yourself and stay fit. A healthy body hosts a healthy mind and also you look attractive which is always a plus.

Be true to your work

Being truthful and loyal to your work is very important. This defines your brand quality. Do not accept any work that does not align with your brand. Anything that is not in sync with your brand is going to give it a bad reputation, which should not happen. Be true to your work and choose the type of work you do smartly.

Be yourself

Your brand does not have to be anything that you are not. The basic concept of personal branding is to make you the best version of yourself. Always put yourself first. Do not lose your virtues in creating a fake brand because it will not hold for a long time. Be you and it will get you all the success


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