Saturday, August 19, 2017

7 Ways to Save At Least $100 Before Summer Ends

My memory is failing me, but some famous writer used to love saying that simply walking around the block in New York City costs about $20.00.  The same is true in summer, no?  Ice cream, summer blockbusters, vacations—money just falls through our fingers like a sieve.  If you're looking to save up, not sieve out, there are many, easy ways to do it before summer ends.  In fact, we're willing to bet with our trade-off tips, you can sock away at least $100 by the end of the season.
Savvy Seven Painless to Save $100 Before the End of Summer:
  • Desserts: Custom ice cream sandwiches and luscious soft serve cones are just two of the hot, summer dessert trends, and they can really drain your wallet.  Keep cold treats ready in the freezer to avoid the temptation or if you're on the run and really longing for something cool, pop into McDonalds' surprisingly delicious $1 soft serve cone.
  • Movies: Skip the theater and opt for a Netflix special or rent a movie from iTunes.  You can create an in-home fort/theater on your living room floor, or crash on the bed under the ceiling fan WITH your jammies on.  If you can't resist hitting the theater, at least plan ahead and go for the discount matinee.
  • Gas: If you're taking a day trip with Wee Savvies, carpool with friends and share the cost of gas.  Also, if you're running errands and it's a nice day, consider making it your workout and walk or ride your bike.
  • Dining Out: Come, on! Are you dining out?  In summer?  Produce is at it's freshest, the weather (when it's not a scorcher) is at it's best, if you're tempted to dine out, fire up the barbie instead for a budget-friendly feast.
  • If You Do Dine Out: At least go to a BYOB restaurant.
  • Back-to-School "Savings": As the season winds down, stores start piling on the discounts to shed summer inventory and promo Back to School savings.  If you're tempted to buy, remember that you may not get much wear out of the item until next it really worth the wait?
  • Bottled Water: After witnessing a friend fork over $3 for a small bottle of water near the beach, I nearly fell over.  Of course we get dehydrated in summer, but keeping a bottle of water on hand will avoid fiscal frivolity.  If you don't feel like lugging around a bottle, just bring a small, empty one and fill it up at drinking fountains from time to time.


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