Wednesday, August 23, 2017

52 Blog Post Ideas For Artist


  1. X# of ways to live with art
  2. How to choose the right sized art for your space
  3. Celebrating small wins with your art
  4. Share some guilty pleasures
  5. Your favorite artists from history
  6. Your favorite living artists
  7. Favorite art books
  8. Your favorite art documentaries
  9. Write about your favorite art teacher(s)
  10. Talk about the tools you use to create your art
  11. My art strives to…
  12. As an artist, I want to…
  13. Write about how you get unblocked
  14. What inspires your art
  15. What have you learned, being an artist?
  16. Tell your story: when did you first discover art? When did you first know you were an artist? Did you go to school? Or are you self-taught?
  17. Interview another artist you admire
  18. Share your favorite art blogs
  19. Your favorite podcasts to listen to while painting/making
  20. A DIY art project for “non-artists”
  21. Write about an upcoming show you’ll be in
  22. How travel influences your art
  23. What it was really like to go to art school
  24. Share your studio space
  25. A recent art museum experience
  26. A drawing or painting tutorial
  27. Talk about how you title your artworks
  28. Share the progress of a piece, from start to finish (with many WIP shots along the way)
  29. Make video of you painting/making
  30. Write about a new gallery you’re in
  31. Do a challenge and blog about it (like a painting a day, or the #100dayproject)
  32. Write about an artist collaboration you did
  33. Share any recent press/media mentions
  34. Write about your process
  35. Your latest work (with tall, thin photos perfect for sharing on Pinterest!)
  36. Write about a series of work you created
  37. Thinking about donating a portion of your art proceeds to a charity or cause? Blog about that
  38. Share tips for framing art
  39. Write about creating a gallery wall to display art
  40. Create a list of your favorite art museums and your favorite pieces within each one.
  41. How have your relationships influenced your art?
  42. Write about your creative practice
  43. How has your art/style evolved over time?
  44. If you could be anything besides an artist, what would you be, and why?
  45. Tell a story about how a specific piece of art moved you
  46. Talk about the products you use to create your art and why you chose them
  47. How do you come up with ideas for your artwork?
  48. What is your favorite art movement and why?
  49. Write about what it feels like to be an artist in today’s world
  50. If you’re a parent, write about how that affects your art
  51. Share drawings from your sketchbook and why they are important to make
  52. Share patron feedback and/or any photos they shared with your art in their homes.


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