Wednesday, August 23, 2017

5 Tips To Grow Your Following On Pinterest

Pinterest remains one of the niche social media platforms on the web. It continues to expand, however, and it behooves anyone with a social media strategy to explore its unique appeal to followers. It’s a mistake to treat Pinterest as just another social media outlet. You should consider what attracts Pinterest users in the first place.

1. Pinterest has an amazing visual appeal

It is basically a scrapbook into which people can organize their ideas in a visual way. It appeals mostly to those with an aesthetic bent. Your brand on Pinterest must have a stunning or unique look.

2. You shouldn’t mistake Pinterest for a pictures only platform

The visual is what lures users in, but the content can be wide-ranging. If you have a blog post, why not offer it as a pin. As long as there is a visually compelling icon, there is no reason not to share it.

3. Create different boards for various users

Pinterest appeals to certain businesses more than others. Food, fashion, and travel companies are easy fits for the platform. People who love these boards need other goods and services as well. Use boards to draw the eye of a foreign demographic.

4. It’s not difficult to cater your content to Pinterest to begin with

Including a picture or a graphic with blog posts, coupon campaigns, and even tweets is easy enough. By pre-visualizing them, you make them ready for Pinterest display.

5. On Pinterest, as on any social media platform, content is king

If you make the content useful and compelling, people will pin it.  A picture of a lamb tajine, no matter how delectable visually, will be more useful if accompanied by a good recipe or instructions on using a tajine to cook.
Some users have managed to maximize Pinterest’s utility as an organizing tool. For others, it is a massive sinkhole for time wasting.

Your social media strategy should be created to offer something for both types of user. 


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