Thursday, August 17, 2017

36 Best Natural Health Website To Feel Great With

1. The Revolutionary Act – The fact that we live in such an unhealthy culture is a huge bummer. Fortunately, the resistance is alive and well! We can change this mixed up reality. We can reclaim our well-being and create a better, more blissful world. But it’s going to take some revolutionary moxie to make it happen. If you’re up for that, then welcome to the revolutionary club!
2. Happy Mothering – Gaining nourishment is such an important aspect of our daily lives, but it so often gets lost in the grind. Happy Mothering is a source of inspiration to live a simple, natural lifestyle. Here you can learn about green living, real food nutrition, natural parenting & holistic health.
3. HerbMentor – When you become passionate about something, it’s really awesome to have a way to keep learning and a place to share your experiences. That’s what HerbMentor is about. Not only is it an amazing resource packed with courses, videos, podcasts and multi-media reference materials, it’s also a community. Members learn in the forum by sharing their learning journey with others and exploring questions they have along the way.
4. Green Tidings – Green Tidings is an educational resource for, healthy living, natural remedies, the environment, and all things “green.”  In addition, Green Tidings offers their own Natural Remedy Reference Guide and other natural health and wellness refrigerator magnets, bookmarks, and all-natural body care items.
5. John Douillard’s LifeSpa – Dr. John Douillard DC has been practicing natural medicine and Ayurveda for over 25 years and has archived more than 200 free educational videos and articles along with a robust self-help website and online store for the highest quality organic herbs, cleanses, supplements, DVD’s, skin care, and several books.
6. Real Farmacy  – Real Farmacy is all about helping you find your paradigm shift, whether it be on the level or health, GMOs, bees, consciousness, permaculture, gardening, or first aid – this is a place to find nearly everything in the field Alternative Health and Living. Truly an incredible resource!
7. Dogwood School of Botanical Medicine – Founded in 2012 by veteran herbalist Todd Caldecott, the Dogwood School of Botanical Medicine provides in-class and distant learning programs in herbal medicine, nutrition and Ayurveda. Located in Vancouver, B.C. Great articles, opportunities for learning, webcasts and more!
8. The Chalkboard  – The Chalkboard is a Study of Living Well and their mission is simple: invite you into the conversation about health, wellness, fitness, beauty, nutrition, and philanthropy. They want to hear about your all-natural tips, wellness news, mind-body wisdom, and insights. “There is no limit to the wisdom we can share with each other,” they say. And we agree
9. The Urban Herbalist– Laura Ash is a Clinical Herbalist whose curiosity about the healing power of plants began, she says, when she cured herself of pneumonia with lavender essential oil at 19 years old. Afterward she was convinced that living a balanced life with nature underfoot is the key for health. She pursued studying at The California School of Herbal Studies focusing on western herbalism, aromatherapy, whole food nutrition and Ayurveda. Definitely worth a look!
10. Dr. Andrew Weil’s Daily Health  – Dr. Andrew Weil has been at the forefront of the field of health and nutrition for decades. If you like what he has to say, on supplements, healthy aging or videos – then here’s the perfect daily resource for you!
11. 5 to Thrive – Five to Thrive® is the collaborative initiative by Dr. Lise Alschuler and Karolyn A. Gazella to provide education around how integrative approached to cancer prevention and treatment can positively transform cancer care. This site features incredible resources, books, a radio show, videos, social networks, and a digital magazine.
12. High on Health –  For the first five years High on Health was a holistic skin care and acne treatment blog – and you can still find those resources in the archives and at the “acne portal”. But after a while the founder, Fran Kerr, started writing and talking about her journey to open her heart and find as much happiness as possible. This endeavor has taken her all around the world! Fran currently lives in the Sacred Valley of Peru where she blogs about “real life stuff.”
13. Mountain Rose Herbs – Mountain Rose Herbs has always taken an uncompromising stand when it comes to the protection and sustainability of our natural world and the delicate systems which balance all life as we know it. Our life-giving planet produces all of the products they share with us. Not only do they lead the industry in environmental stewardship and commitment to organic agriculture, MRH also adheres to strict principles and protocols that ensure fair treatment and compensation for the workers and the farmers who grow their herbs.
14. Leo Galland – Leo Galland explains how conventional western medicine is organized around the Theory of Diseases (which believes that a person becomes sick because he or she contracts a disease). In this model, each disease is seen as an independent entity which can be fully understood without regard to the person it afflicts or the environment in which it occurs. Interested in a different perspective? Check out his Foundation for Integral Medicine!
15. Jeffrey Bland, PhD – Jeffrey Bland, PhD, is known as the father of functional medicine and for the past two decades, he has traveled the world, teaching the tenets of functional medicine to professional healthcare practitioners, students, and lay audiences. Dr. Bland reads and synthesizes hundreds of journal articles each month and utilizes that information to help clinicians bridge the gap between conventional and complementary or alternative medicine.
16. The NaturalNews Network – Founded by Mike Adams, “Natural News” is a non-profit collection of public education websites covering topics that empower individuals to make positive changes in their health, environmental sensitivity, consumer choices and informed skepticism.
17. GreenMedInfo – Sayer Ji’s is dedicated to bringing the public information on the science behind natural healing methods, as well as to make available research on the inherent dangers associated with the use of chemicals in our food, drugs, water and environment.
18. Polly’s Path – Check out this great online hub dedicated to helping others take back the reins on their health. It is updated regularly on many topics from raw food, detoxing, meditation, chemical free beauty products and much, much more. Go green, get clean – become a green juice junkie!
19. Health Coach Penny – Penny’s believes that for true change to occur, it’s important to listen. We so agree! By incorporating the Duke Integrative Medicine process model Penny gives her clients the language and opportunity to see REAL lasting change in their health.
20. The Family Herbalist – Natalie Vickery is a Traditional Naturopath/Herbalist with a degree in Natural Health Studies and Naturopathy. Natalie provides personal consultations for those who are seeking alternative health solutions and education relating to prevention and optimum health.  Natalie’s consultations include traditional assessments such as  tongue, pulse and fingernail analysis.
21. Methow Valley Herbs – Ten years ago, Rosalee was diagnosed with a terminal autoimmune disease and doctors had no answers for her. It was by turning to herbalism and other natural therapies and healed herself. Today, she’s passionate about sharing her herbal knowledge so that you can learn how to use herbs safely and effectively. She knows first hand that herbs are powerful!
22. Herbal Encounter – Herbal Encounter is an anonymous blog created as a way for the herbalist to share her personal findings and explorations with herbal medicine and floracopeia. It’s a great research resource about herbal medicine.
23. Michele Collins Herbalist – Michele’s practice specializes in traditional Chinese medicine and the use of Chinese, Ayurvedic, and western herbs, nutritional counseling, and medical qi gong. She is a Teacher of western and Ayurvedic herbal medicine at the Academy for Integrated Medicines.
24. Sara Gottfried, MD – Have you read her book The Hormone Cure, yet? This is a great way to jump into Sara’s work – she’s an integrative physician schooled at Harvard Medical School, MIT, and UCSF where she completed her residency in OB/GYN. She believes in leafy greens and nutrient-dense foods, together with evidence-based integration of botanicals and bioidentical hormones, rather than popping prescription pills.
25. Naturally Savvy – Naturally Savvy was founded by Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Andrea Donsky, to educate people about the basics of living an organic and NON-GMO lifestyle. As a mother of three, her passion is teaching people how to read food labels so they can make better choices at the grocery store. Naturally Savvy was created to educate about the basics of natural health. Living a naturally healthy lifestyle incorporates eating well, exercising and choosing products that are trusted and safe for your body. Being informed when it comes to your health is what the team at Naturally Savvy strive for.
26. Della Terra Wellness – Katerina Pozzi is a certified yoga instructor, graduate student, writer, and the founder of Della Terra Wellness, based out of Portland, Oregon. She is in the process of completing a master’s degree in Chinese medicine. Her studies include acupuncture, moxibustion, bodywork, visceral manipulation and craniosacral therapy, Chinese and Western medical herbalism, Chinese medical philosophy and psychology, nutrition, tai chi and qi-gong.
27. Healthy Child, Healthy World – Celebrating its 20th anniversary year, Healthy Child Healthy World, presents scientific evidence which increasingly points to contaminants in our environment and chemicals in everyday products as causing and contributing to many of these diseases. Playing a leadership role in one of the most important public health and environmental movements of the 21st century, Healthy Child Healthy World ignites the movement that empowers parents to protect children from harmful chemicals.
28. Mother Earth News – The Original Guide to Living Wisely. MOTHER EARTH NEWS has been helping readers live more self-reliant, sustainable lives since 1970. You can find their entire Archive online!
29. Be Well by Dr. Frank Lipman – Be Well is about removing what is harmful and adding what is beneficial to support the health of both body and mind. Dr. Lipman’s goal is to keep his readers on the cutting edge of Integrative medicine and provide safe, effective and practical ways to stay healthy.
30. Wellness Mama – Wellness Mama is a full-time housewife with a background in nutrition, journalism and communications. Her passion is helping others achieve optimal health through a “Wellness Lifestyle.” She has helped hundreds of clients lose weight, increase athletic performance, improve fertility, and overcome numerous health problems and diseases.
31. Planet Herbs – Is the home to  Michael and Lesley Tierra long distance herbal study school. They offer a unique combination Western, Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic healing systems.
32. Queen of Green  – Eileen is a Homeopathic Consultant and Makeup Artist from Pennsylvania. After suffering the negative effects of what consuming processed, chemical-laden foods did to her body and mind, she learned there were other ways!
33. Dandelion Revolution – Dandelion Revolution describes both the enduring and tenacious nature of the dandelion as well as the potential for our culture to turn around, or revolve, our view of health and well-being. Sociopolitical, economic and intellectual paradigms will shift as more and more people start to use the healing potential that lies in their own backyards and reclaim the inherent knowledge about healing plants humans and other animals have understood since our beginnings.
34. Ann Louise Gittleman – Ann Louise Gittleman is an expert in traditional and holistic health, with a specialty in understanding the connections between environmental and women’s health. Ann Louise has written over 30 books and has been featured in widely read publications and on popular television programs — which explains why she is known as “The First Lady of Nutrition.”
35. Stonewell Acupuncture News – Stonewell Acupuncture News is an Informative Blog about East Asian Medicine, covering health, medicinials, acupuncture and all round sense of inspiration and education around creating balance and wellness.
36. Herb Geek – Herb Geek is a venue for exploring ideas, promoting knowledge, and sharing experiences on all aspects of the herbal industry in its broadest form. It’s a place where student, professional, and hobby herbalists can geek out on all things related to herbs.


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