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12 Startup Advice on Entrepreneurship From Successful Entrepreneurs

Starting a new business is an incredible time. There are feelings of excitement, fear, and even overwhelming. For Entrepreneurs starting their own business, it’s important to have a solid support system that can motivate and encourage early Entrepreneurs during those times doubt.
As Entrepreneurs, we know how hard it can be to jump into the business world. I thought it would be great to collaborate with some fellow entrepreneurs and hear what advice they would offer someone just starting out.
Here is some amazing startup advice for Entrepreneurs from Entrepreneurs:
Be yourself your customers want to know who you are.” Jane Willmott
Find yourself a good coach with whom you have a rapport with as well as having done what you want to do: belief in your vision; don’t wait for things to be perfect or you’ll perfect only one thing – waiting.” Michelle
Relationship building is key so always nurture them. When someone tells you “no”, think of it more as a “not now” or “not know” as in they don’t have enough information yet. If you let the relationships of the “no’s” deteriorate they will not be around when the light finally comes on. Just keep people informed of what you’re doing always.” Heather Jadus
Make the most of the social media! NO matter what your business, get your name out there on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Pinterest, Instagram, blog. Follow people in your industry and post regularly. Don’t wait until you get bigger or have more to say..get people on board now!” Susan
Step #1 is to make sure that you are completely passionate about the business you are building. If you don’t love, love, love the topic you’re focused on, you’re going to burn out before you get started. Building a business isn’t easy, but the effort is worthwhile if you love what you do. My other piece of advice is to recognize when you need help and seek out a pro to guide you. I think that when you’re just getting started you feel like you have to know it all and do it all on your own. The fact of the matter is, we can’t know everything and trying to do it all just slows us down in many cases. If you struggle with social media marketing, hire a social media strategist. If your business structure is a mess or you can’t figure out pricing, hire a business coach. I think you can grow your business much more quickly once you start getting the help you need from talented coaches and consultants. There’s nothing wrong with getting help, in fact, it’s often the smartest thing you can do to grow your business.” Julie Lowe,  
I used to wonder what FAITH was…until it dawned on me. FAITH is the answer to whatever you desire. So if you desire more money, FAITH is the idea on how to get it. You haven’t seen it, but you know it’s possible.” – Kymlee Ross,
When you are planning for your business, schedule out a break every 90 days or so. I call this a 90 Day Reset to recharge your batteries. It can be a long weekend or a long vacation. As an entrepreneur we work very hard. I wish I did this many years ago, now I plan it into my year!” Darla
Spend time on your business as well as your clients. Have a plan/ vision/ goals and don’t lose focus of them as these will be the things that keep you going when you’re feeling despondent. Most importantly – gather people around you who support you, motivate you and help you out when you have a problem.” Amy Purdie, 
Be a little patient with the process. You can be so eager to MAKE things happen that you begin acting on impulse, signing up for every program under the sun to learn information you already knew. Take the time to seek counsel from those who have done what you are about to do and then put in the research before you invest your hard earned money into a program. Invest yes…but do no less research than you would if you were buying your first car.LaTanya Tee Arthur,     
My piece of advice to someone just starting up an online business is to start a blog! It attracts people to your website more effectively than any other marketing technique. When I started my HerbBlurb skincare science blog in January 2013 I had 156 visitors for the entire month (and most of them were probably me and my mother). Now a year later I am attracting 7,000 unique visitors to my website every month. Each one of those people could be a potential customer!” Lorraine Dallmeier,  
Believe 100% that YOU were created specifically to accomplish this mission” “If you feel limited, the chances are high that you are living someone else’s version of your dream. Stop right away.” and “Everyone that is considered a big name person started out with no one knowing who they were… they all at one point had to find a first client.” Keisha Shields,
Be consistent, be committed, follow-up, ask for the business, know your numbers, be grateful, don’t barter on your prices – be firm on your prices. Additionally, work on your vision and achieving clarity about what you do and why your services are unique and special! Last but not least, invest in your business. ” Leigh Fowler,

12 Startup Advice on Entrepreneurship From Successful Entrepreneurs
There is some really fantastic advice from these business owners. Huge thanks to them for sharing some helpful tips or a piece of advice that they wish they would have known before they embarked on their journey.


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