Tuesday, August 22, 2017

10 Ways to Find TONS of Blogs to Comment On

1. Fall in love with the new Blogging Bookshelf Blog Directory

Remember when websites used to have “Links” sections on them? And most blogs used to have blogrolls? Times have changed, and it’s getting harder to find links to other blogs. And it’s especially hard to find other QUALITY blogs.
To help combat this, I just started a kind of blog directory. There’s a link to it in the navigation menu on Blogging Bookshelf here, or you can just click HERE to go there. Right now there are around 105 blogs there, and I’ll add more as I come across them. That’s not a huge number, no, but it should keep you busy for a while. And it’s all about quality rather than quantity, isn’t it?
I use the term “blog directory” very loosely here. This isn’t meant to be a real, legit blog directory as much as just lists of blogs in a few different niches somewhat related to my own. I’m not trying to create a new Technorati here or anything I wanted the lists of blogs that I comment on and those that comment on my blog in one place. I do a lot of blog commenting, and this is a much faster way to find those blogs than having to go through all of my comments. I figured a lot of you guys could use this information, too.
Make sense?
If any of you know of quality small-medium blogs, shoot me an email. I’m always looking for more to comment on. Also, if you can come up with better categories for the blog directory, let me know.

2. Go to the popular blogs in your niche

Go to a blog in your niche that gets lots of comments. See who’s commenting, and follow those people back to their blogs.

3. Go to any blog in your niche and follow the comment trail

This is similar to the previous one, but the blog you go to doesn’t have to be a big one. See who’s commenting there, and then go comment on their blogs. And then see who’s commenting on THOSE blogs, and just keep following the trail of comments back to new blogs.

4. Google it!

If you’re really stuck, just go to Google. Let’s say you blog about whitewater kayaking. Google “kayaking blogs” and you’re good to go.

5. Look at blog directories

I’m not a fan of most blog directories (like Technorati) because I think they’re pretty worthless; the directory categories are not specific enough. Technorati IS useful, however, for searching (rather than browsing) for related blogs. You can search by blog (so I could find blogs about kayaking) or by blog post (to find posts about kayaking):
The downside is that a lot of niche bloggers (like those who blog about whitewater kayaking) don’t know to submit their blog to blog directories, so you probably won’t find many of them there.

6. Dive into social bookmarking sites

Search for your keywords on — or browse through the categories of — sites like Digg or StumbleUpon. Or if your niche is big enough to have its own social bookmarking sites, those are GREAT places to find more blogs to comment on. For example, if you’re into the whole internet marketing thing, you can check out BlogEngageSERPdBlokube, or BizSugar.

7. Check out the Follow Friday mentions on Twitter

[If you’re not on Twitter… Stop reading this post right now and go sign up. I’m not kidding. Do not finish reading this. Go straight to Twitter.]
If you’re on Twitter, you’ve probably noticed the #FF things you see every Friday, like this:
#FF is the hashtag for Follow Friday. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, just know this: Whenever you see #FF followed by some @mentions, the person who sent that tweet is saying, “You should go follow these people on Twitter.” Soooo… Go check out those people’s Twitter profiles and see if they have blogs.

8. Stroll through forums

Ask people on a niche forum what their favorite blogs are. Or look at the signatures of people who post in those forums. You’re bound to find links to blogs there.

9. Look in the sidebars!

Despite what I said earlier, some blogs still do have blogrolls in their sidebars. Those are a great place to find new blogs.
Also, look at the Top Commenter widgets in the sidebars of blogs you visit. You KNOW those people leave a lot of comments!

10. Other sources

Just keep your eyes peeled! See what blogs are being mentioned by other bloggers.
Go to ComLuv.com and see who the top commenters of the day are.
Search on Twitter for keywords you’re interested in.

Final words

Well, hopefully that helped. By now your head should be spinning with the possibilities. Remember my 100 comments in a day post? Are you thinking 150 now? 200? Excellent. Get out there and start commenting!
  • How do YOU find great blogs to comment on?
  • Do you let your readers know about other awesome blogs in your niche? If not, why not? If so, how?
Geeze. Even my “short” posts are still a thousand words long…


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