Friday, August 18, 2017

10 Basic Social Media Posting Techniques: Do & Donts

Social Media (Do)

1. Focus on the people! The needs, challenges and how you can be the solution!
2. Build a community of loyal followers, brand advocates, and influencers!
3. Respond to comments as quickly as possible, keep that real-time “instant gratification”
4. Try Experimenting to see what works – you never know until you try!
5. Cross Media Promotion – use a combo of websites, print to tie-in your social media efforts
6. Participate in conversations — join LinkedIn & Facebook groups or hashtags!
7. Talk truthful about your business and its passions
8. Publish content that is responsive for desktops, laptops, tablets & mobile to view
9. Build a reputation that align with business goals & social media goals
10. Offer incentives and contests – your loyal fans will LOVE that

Social Media (Don’t)

1. Focus on making money
2. Not listening or responding to comments – never delete!3. Publishing other competitors contents
3. Publishing content that is your competition or copyright, bad!
4. Jumping to conclusions when reading insights, you need to measure results by setting milestone!
5. THINK ABOUT THE NUMBER OF FOLLOWERS / FANS: Success is not measured by how many people like your business, focus on getting the target audience
6. Attempting to become a celebrity — seriously, it’s not easy
7. Posting bad graphic visuals that are not legible and people have a hard time understanding
8. Build a social media channel for your business & stop using after a week.. I’ve seen this, bad.
9. Turn down opportunities to grow – you should focus on saying “yes”
10. Limit your company on what works – you must experiment!


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