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The 48-Hour Flat Belly Plan

The core of getting your stomach look flatter and sexy is regular exercise. If you want to lose belly fat and get a flat tummy, here is the perfect solutions to cut off your extra pounds from the stomach and get it in shape. 

A perfectly shaped belly makes you more confident and fruitful. By doing regular and proper exercise its easier to make your tummy flatter. 

Guide to a flat toned stomach in 48-hour

Want to shape your stomach look flattered overnight? Follow the rules:

The 48-Hour Flat Belly Plan


H20 to the rescue, water, water and more water should be the name of the game. Add lemon, cucumber, fruit if that is what you like. Your belly and you will be much happier. Not only will it help your organs function efficiently, but it will also contribute to moving fat and fiber. 
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Have a meal plan. If you have a busy schedule consider a healthy lunch, you can do it the day before. It is enough to follow the recipe and the use of ingredients in portions to limit the chances of overeating. It is easy to include a lean protein with vegetables and a carb. Remember, proper carbohydrates are essential for energy maintenance. You can include a small portion of quinoa, rice, or a package of salmons.


Instead, opt for fruits rich in antioxidants or fruits like apples, cut the refined sugar, as it will help you to be satisfied and will satisfy your cravings. Do not hesitate to add a healthy fat like almond butter or avocado between meals to maintain your energy. 
Tip: Cut the refined sugars. So from the first moment, the intestinal yeast will decrease, and your belly will look flatter.


Tea has been used for thousands of years for its medicinal effects and helps to overcome the swelling with natural herbal teas. Herbal tea can soothe a belly and helps the metabolism. Try soaking a mint and a bag of chamomile tea in hot water for 15 minutes. Ginger is also an excellent choice to add to your tea.

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Add probiotics. Probiotics are the "friendly bacteria" found in your intestinal tract that shield your body from harmful bacteria that cause inflammation. Taking probiotics can help keep you regularly especially at the time of a trip. Tip: If you have allergies, read the package carefully, as some supplements are enclosed in a substance that could irritate the bowel.

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Choose your vegetables wisely. If you want to limit swelling, stay away from green leafy vegetables such as cabbage. Although the green leaves have many benefits can help to have the belly like a balloon. Drinking water can help eliminate fibrous waste and keep your tummy flat. 

You are done. You have decrease weight and get your dreamy super-flat stomach, but you can not guarantee that this stay forever. Ever wonder, what if you gain weight again? To maintain your sexy abs and flat tummy, you should follow a healthy diet plan. 

How to have a flat belly forever?

Do exercise regularly and clean your kitchen. Drink enough water, avoid fatty and junk foods. Waking up early is really worth when it comes to maintaining a healthy living. 
Here are some tips to keep your stomach flat.

Don't stress: If you have too much stress it can increase cortisol (stress hormone) in your body. This is a bad reason to make your tummy fatty. 

These Foods May Be the Culprits: Some foods will help you to reduce fats and some will gain. You should know what to eat and what not. Popsugar recommended which foods work behind of your bloated belly. Check out the full list of those foods to stay away and keep yourself slim.  

Fight the Fat: Women's Health Mag recommends to do abs exercises. Sit-ups-, running may bring a good result faster. Learn the 20 secrets to losing weight recommends by Women's health


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