Tuesday, June 13, 2017

11 Basic Guidelines for General Health and Longevity

If You Want to Live a Long and Healthy Life, Follow These Simple Tips

When it comes to health and longevity, there is no quick fix and no “fountain of youth” that will help you become healthy overnight. Being fit and healthy to reach a ripe old age takes effort and attention – this is something that I repeatedly tell my readers.
11 Basic Guidelines for General Health and Longevity Infographic
A healthy lifestyle is essential to achieving optimal well-being and longevity. This infographic, "11 Basic Guidelines for General Health and Longevity," gives you useful tips to help you live a long and healthy life. Use the embed code to share it on your website or visit our infographic page for the high-res version.

But here's the good news: there are a few simple lifestyle changes you can make to improve not only the quantity but also the quality of your years. These changes are pretty basic but can have a profound effect on your overall health once implemented.

A Healthy Diet Is Essential to Longevity

One of the most basic health principles (and, sadly, the one people most often ignore) is eating a diet of whole, nutritious foods rather than unhealthy processed foods. Keep in mind that processed and junk foods are loaded with grains, sugar, and unhealthy calories that increase your insulin levels, which not only accelerates the aging process but also increases your risk of obesity and chronic disease.

I also highly advise against consuming genetically engineered (GE) foods. Not only are GE foods less nutritious than organically-grown foods, but they also pose many health risks. In fact, most processed foods today contain GE ingredients – regardless of the fact that these GE components have not undergone long-term safety studies.

The best diet I would recommend for optimal health and longevity is one that's focused on whole, unprocessed foods – preferably organic vegetables, grass-fed meats, raw dairy, and nuts – acquired from healthy, sustainable, local sources. I also recommend consuming a good portion of your food raw, as well as adding naturally fermented foods to meals.

By implementing these basic diet changes, you can make a big leap toward longevity and optimal health.

For more useful tips on healthy eating, I advise you to follow the Nashas Nutrition Plan, which will guide you in choosing the right foods that will suit your unique biological makeup. The Nashas Nutrition Plan addresses your unique biochemical needs based on your particular genetics, allowing you to cure your health problems at the foundational level and giving you a more permanent solution for regaining your health.


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