Monday, May 1, 2017

73 Questions to Ask Before You Get Married

Preparing for getting married? Congratulations! But STOP!! Many things couples should talk about before marriage, or else it can lead you to live in a painful marriage life. 

These sincerely responded to queries will be able to put a firm foundation for your relationship and will help you to cement the construction in a bright and open dialogue. Have you considered them?

Just now that you are thinking of taking the big step of uniting your life forever with the man you have chosen, it is the best time to sit down and reflect (alone and with your boyfriend) on several crucial topics that you should know about each other, And each one of himself. Give yourself time and try, to be honest with your answers.

Over you 

  • Who you are? Do you know yourself?
  • What is your temperament like?
  • What are your deepest desires?
  • Where do you want to be in the next 10, 20 and 30 years?
  • Who are you to your family?
  • Who are you to your friends?
  • What do you do when you feel frustrated?
  • How good are you to communicate?
  • What do you do when you're sad?
  • What are your priorities in life? God? The family? The job? Economic stability?
  • What roles, parenting styles, a way of communicating do you value and recognize as positive in your family of origin? 
  • Which ones do you want to reproduce and which ones to avoid?

About your future husband 

  • Why did you choose that particular man to share your life?
  • What are the most important qualities you see in it?
  • Do you know the imperfections of your future husband? 
  • Are you sure you could live with them?
  • Do you know the temperament of your future husband?
  • How does your husband treat his parents? 
  • How do you treat your brothers? 
  • How do you treat your co-workers? 
  • What do you expect from your future husband?
  • What are you willing to give him?
  • Do you know enough about your partner's family? (Customs, traditions, way of life and interests) 
  • What roles, parenting styles, a way of communicating do you value and recognize as positive in your boyfriend's family? 
  • Which ones do you want to reproduce and which ones to avoid?

100 Questions to Ask Before You Get Married
About your life together

  • What do you expect from your marriage?
  • What are the bases on which you want to settle your marriage life?
  • What will you do when you get mad at him?
  • What value and importance will you give to prayer and spiritual life?
  • What will they live for? 
  • Do both have stable jobs? 
  • Do you have any economic contingency plans?
  • What roles do you want or are you willing to take? (Housewife, mother, professional, etcetera).
  • What are the limits on which you are not willing to give in?
  •  If there is a case of disagreement, how would they resolve it? (Economic situation, social status, religious creed, among others)

About health

  • In what state is your health?
  • Are you looking to live a healthy lifestyle?
  • Are they willing to leave habits harmful to their health to be more time together and that this one is of better quality?
  • Would you accept that your husband or wife smoke?
  • Do they exercise individually? 
  • Are they willing to share time together by getting in shape? 
  • Is that important to you?
  • Do you know the diseases of yourself and your partner that could inherit their children?
  • What kind of medicine do you trust? Allopath, homeopath, or alternative?
  • Christmas and important holidays With my family or with yours?
  • How will activities be divided at home? For example, who is going to iron clothes? To wash it? Who is his own, shared?
  • Do you know their tastes and customs of breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
  • How will you agree to make significant decisions? Praying together, talking, asking for advice from friends?
  • Are they willing to adjust their sleep and food schedules?
  • What rules of healthy coexistence would define?

About practical home life

  • What will be the rules of your home?
  • What importance and value will you give to the order at home? Are the two of you agree? 
  • Do you like pets at home? Yes, no, which ones?
  • Why do you like the pet/ why don't you like pets?

About the children

  • Do you want children now? Do they know the essential tools they have to plan their children without negative consequences for their health?
  • How many children will they have? Do they agree on the number?
  • In the case of difficulties to procreate, would they adopt? Yes, no and why?
  • What positive and negative experiences have they lived as children in their families of origin?
  • What is important for you not to repeat? 
  • What skills is essential that your kids share?

About the possible problems that will live

  • With whom will you ventilate the problems and disagreements that you suffer in your married life? Who would you like him to comment on? It establishes clear criteria in this sense so that both remain loyal.
  • What would be your answer if your husband tells you that love is over? 
  • How would you solve it?
  • How will you avoid infidelity?
  • How will you ensure that you always maintain mutual respect?
  • What conflicts have they had in courtship? 
  • Has the way to solve them been positive? 
  • How can you learn together to solve them positively from now on?
  • Who can help them solve couple's problems? Psychologist, priest, friends, family or advice on websites?
  • Do you know marriages that you admire? 
  • Have they tried to approach them?
  • How easily do you forgive an offense? 
  • How easily would it be for you to forgive your husband's offenses, mistakes, or bad deeds?
The way of marriage will be full of natural faults, for we are all imperfect beings. Do you and your boyfriend recognize that the most important thing is always to communicate clearly and know how to apologize and ask for forgiveness.


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