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How to Lose Belly Fat Fast For Women (Living at Home)

Abdominal fat is often the hardest type of fat to eliminate, especially for women. But there are several ways to focus on belly fat and build a flat, toned and lean stomach. Please note, you can not make your stomach flat overnight. It takes a few days to months depending on your desire and lifestyle.

How to Lose Belly Fat Fast For Women (Living at Home)
The exercise routine is essential to burn fat. Combine aerobic exercise, calisthenics, and weight training to make significant changes quickly. It is also necessary to commit to a healthy and nutritious diet so that not only burn fat, but also avoid it.
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Aerobic Exercise

Perform at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise each day. This type of exercise is one of the most efficient ways to burn fat quickly because it raises the heart rate to help a maximum calorie burn. Running, in particular, can burn from 500 to over 1,000 calories per hour. As you develop strength and stamina, you increase the speed and intensity of the race to promote greater calorie burning. Also try cycling, swimming or kickboxing to give you a variety to the workout.

Situps and pushups to lose weight

Do minimum five sets of 20 or more situps and pushups after daily aerobic exercise. These two exercises strengthen your abdominal rectum, transverse abdominal, external and internal obliques. Push-ups strengthen the middle part of your body, such as the muscles of your tummy and back. As you reduce fat, these exercises will help to reveal a defined stomach.

Weight lifting for weight loss female

Train with weight at least 30 minutes after aerobic exercise. Weight-bearing exercise generates lean muscle mass, which allows your body to burn fat and calories more efficiently. Also, resistance exercises help improve strength, allowing you to perform better in aerobic exercises.

Burn calories

Consume fewer calories than you burn to support weight loss. You should burn about 3,500 calories of what you consume to lose 1 pound (453 grams) of fat. Your diet must be rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains, but low in fat. Limit intake of high sugar or caffeine beverages and drink at least 64 ounces (1.8 liters) of water daily to keep yourself hydrated.

How to burn calories?

Exercise each day vigorously. Accelerate your heart bit rate for an extended period of time by doing aerobic routines like dancing with fast music, running up and down stairs, jumping rope, doing dynamic yoga stretches, jogging on a runner or doing calisthenics. If you exercise vigorously for 300 minutes a week, you can lose 2 to 3 pounds of body fat per month.

How to lose belly fat at home

Being overweight in the middle section is more than just an aesthetic problem. Studies show that the subcutaneous fat, or fat you see around your abdomen, covers the most dangerous visceral fat, which surrounds your organs. This type of abdominal fat affects your cardiovascular health, exposes you to the risk of developing various diseases and slows down your metabolism. Although you can not focus on abdominal fat with exercise and diet, you can gradually decrease your body fat percentage wherever you store it. Follow an exercise program and flexible diet at home to lose belly fat fast.

Change in your meal

Change sweets, junk food, and foods rich in saturated and trans fats by fresh and unprocessed foods. Removing tempting snacks and processed foods from your kitchen make it easier to follow a healthy diet plan. If you reduce 500 calories a day from your intake, you're on your way to losing 4 pounds per month.

Include healthy diet

Eat citrus fruits, salads with light dressings, berries, apples, pears, vegetables, legumes and whole grains without sugar. These foods contain high quality soluble and insoluble fiber, which fills you up and provides you with essential ingredients without adding excess calories, fat or sugar to your diet. They also regulate digestion, so you will experience less stomach swelling.

Exercise to lose belly fat

Add activity to your daily life. Load boxes or suitcases one at a time down the stairs. Do squats and stretches while cleaning the house. Dance during commercial breaks while watching TV. Play hide-and-seek with your kids around the house or walk in the room while you cook, wash dishes and talk on the phone.

Best exercise to get flat tummy

Do calisthenics and stretches to develop your muscles using your body weight as resistance. Pushups, pull-ups, sun salutation, squats, lunges, and triceps dips add muscle tissue that will replace excess fat. This change in the composition of your body raises your basal metabolic rate, so you burn more calories, even at rest.

Tips on how to lose belly fat for Men and Women

  1. Keep track of your progress in a notebook for improving your chance to get a flat stomach. Write down your daily training regimen to help monitor your success and stay motivated.
  2. Stretch properly before beginning any form of physical activity to prevent injury.
  3. Avoid carbonated sweet drinks, which add empty calories and contribute to abdominal swelling.
If you know ways to get a skinny stomach fast please let us know it. I'd like to learn from you. 


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