Tuesday, May 23, 2017

How to Always Find and Get a Cheap Flight and Hotel

Airlines and hotels often give promotional offer as a business strategy. Anyone can take advantage of those cheap flights and hotels. Also, this will help them to become a real traveler in both national and international field.  

Become a real hunter of the best rates when traveling the world. 

How to Always Find and Get a Cheap Flight and Hotel
When traveling, getting the best prices has a bit of art and science. We've put together some of the most valuable secrets for you to become a fare hunter.

How to Book the Cheapest Flight Possible to Anywhere

Search all airlines. 

Do not stay with the acquaintances, find out which are the airlines that travel to your destination - including the small and the low cost, often these have the best rates.

Direct booking with the airline. 

Sites like Skyscanner, Cheapflights, Agoda, and TripAdvisor are great for finding cheap flights and comparing prices. All of those websites will find cheapest flights available to your destination. Also, you will be able to compare price one to another. 

  • A gold tip: once you have found a cheap flight, make the reservation directly with the airline as these sites charge a commission.

Avoid the weekends. 

Every expert traveler knows that plane tickets are more expensive from Friday to Sunday, so you should always try to travel during the week.

Buy at the right time. 

Those who know say that the best day to buy tickets is Tuesday and the best time is eight weeks before the trip. But all this have an exception. You may have emergency reason to go somewhere immediately. This may affect your pocket, the airline often takes extended fare for emergency tickets. 

Travel as light as possible. 

Airlines charge for documenting heavy luggage and exceeding the allowable baggage allowance. Try to carry only the essentials and spend less.

How to get cheap hotel

Travel in low season. The advantages of traveling in low season are no secret and are the first step to getting the best rates for lodging.

Call the hotel directly. 

As in the subject of the flights, it is best to eliminate the intermediary. Communicate with the hotel you want to reach and, as you are in ...

Ask for promotions. 

They will not always tell you about the promotions - of course, they want to sell more. But you can ask about special rates and discounts.

Uses rewards programs. 

Programs like City Prizes allow you to accumulate points and get preferential rates, use them!

How to pay less at tourist attractions

Purchase packages and tourist cards. 

The New York Pass has become famous for making it possible to enjoy different attractions for a reasonable price. Most destinations have packages and similar instruments that you should check in advance.

Know what travelers say. 

Do not fall for tourist traps! Check what other travelers think about the attractions that interest you and decide based on it. Thus, you will only pay for what is actually worth.

Instead of spending your money crazy, follow these tips and become a skilled fare hunter. You will travel like a boss!


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