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Why Do People Fall In Love?

Falling in love is a phase in the lives of people that produces pleasure and satisfaction and where our body is willing to undergo changes in moments of excitement, with the mere fact of seeing the person who moves the floor. But why does this happen? Science explains it to us.

Maybe when you have fallen in love you feel that your heart is accelerating, you sweat more than normal and do not coordinate your thoughts many times with your actions. This is because your body is secreting more hormones than normal that make all these chemical changes come on almost immediately. Falling in love is divided into several stages, and each brings a different biochemical process to the other.

Why Do People Fall In Love?
Everything begins in the cerebral cortex when we see the person that attracts us, this causes areas of the brain linked to the stimuli, converting them into feelings of euphoria linked to a sense that is related to the affection and attachment, called love. Although according to scientific research we are attracted to people with physical traits similar to ours, odors and blood type significantly influence the process of falling in love. Yes, even if you do not believe it the body is able to detect using smell until the blood type of the person you are going to relate to.

Moment of attraction: Before we look at the man we want to be our partner, the brain determines what will make us fall in love with that person and not another. Although they say that everything enters the eyes, in the case of women the ear is the first sense that is activated when we like a man, happened to this smell plays a key role in love. We all have in our body some hormones called pheromones (they have no odor) that are secreted when there is an attraction with another person, you enter immediately by our nose, go up to the brain and deposit in the anterior hypothalamus, and it is there in Where the attraction process takes place.

Stage of infatuation: When the brain detects the person that attracts us, parts of it are activated releasing adrenaline, oxytocin and dopamine, neurotransmitter substances that are associated with pleasurable moments. These make our heart flung with that of the other person in about a fifth of a second. We think all the time in the man we like, the pain thanks to these natural drugs fades and our whole world begins to revolve around him. The serotonin that is considered the hormone that makes us have self-control is reduced making our ducts almost obsessive towards the other person.

Love: When we pass from the stage of falling in love, the stage of absolute love arrives, this means that we have achieved the goal of having a stable relationship with the person who attracted us from the beginning. Phenylethylamine, a natural amphetamine that secretes our body, is activated when we are in the full moment of falling in love. This substance is what it does is to stimulate the sexual desire and to give to the brain pleasure and satisfaction. That is why when we thoroughly love our partner the excitement to just give a kiss, makes our hormones explode and we want to have sex to him day and night.

Full love: This stage is perhaps the most beautiful of all the chemical process that our body suffers when we fall in love. After having a good time with our partner, dopamine begins to reduce, and the relationship goes from a particular attraction to an intellective. It is here that we stop saying "I want you" to say with complete confidence "I love you." This causes the brain to release more oxytocin, causing us to attach affectionately to our partner, increasing the bond of love and making it extend for several years.

That cupid you arrow according to mythology may not be true, but what if it happens is that the brain is prepared since we are small to generate mental maps, which determine what will make us fall in love. Before we look at the man we like, the brain takes sensory data from our emotional experiences to our family, friends, and random acts that will forge our tender feelings and make us find the partner we think we deserve.

So if you've already gone through several relationships and you think you're not going to locate the love of your life, do not worry your brain knows which one is right. I encourage that sooner or later their hearts will be united!


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