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7 Things You Do To Please Your Blonde, But She Really Hates It

As a couple, there are some things we do, guys, to please our blonde. We do, for example, show kindness or we try to help her when she has problems. Nevertheless, there are certain things that, although well-intentioned, have the opposite effect. 

7 Things You Do To Please Your Blonde, But She Really Hates It
We suggest you discover 7 things that guys do and that they're blonde usually hates.

Just Too Ni

It is often said that women love bad boys. This may be true for some, but on the other side, women also like to be treated with kindness. However, being too nice is not the solution either.

A guy who always wants to give pleasure to his sweetheart, who never talks about his own interests and who ultimately creates the impression that he has no column makes women run away. No need to turn into a real asshole either. We just have to find a middle ground. 

Let him take ALL decisions 

It comes back to what we just said. Some men do not dare to take initiatives and still need their blonde to approve their ideas. On the other hand, just because a woman makes 200 decisions on a daily basis as part of her job, she does not necessarily want to do the same thing in the evening.

Nothing prevents you from taking the initiative. It may be small gestures really trivial as choosing what you eat for dinner. On the other hand, it may also be bigger, like organizing a romantic weekend.

Of course, there are always decisions that are going to happen to two, with the purchase of a new expensive piece of furniture or a new house.

Building your social circle with just SES friends

Anyone will tell you, it's better to be friends with friends and family of her lover. In a long-term relationship, you will not have the choice to cross them anyway. 

On the other side, you must not forget that it is first of all his friends, like you, you have yours. You can, of course, have shared friends, but she must also have people she frequents on occasion without your presence.

In fact, you just do not have to pass for the guy who had no friends before meeting her and who just appropriated those of her blonde. It's a bit strange on the edges.

It is repeated, however, that there is nothing wrong with developing a friendly relationship with friends. You just have to understand that basically, it was his.

Be as affectionate as a small dog

Men who are frigid and too hard do not get the odds. On the other hand, if you are always looking for cuddles and you never show your manly or masculine side, there is a small problem. She might think you're a super-dependent guy who always needs to be in his bottles to live. Showing a little independence will not hurt you. 

Follow her as her shadow

That brings us to that point. You have to understand that she can do things without you. And you do not need to send him text messages every 30 seconds to remind him that you exist. Do not worry. When she goes out to have a drink with her girlfriends, she has not forgotten you. 

There is nothing wrong with sending small words of love by texting to a girl, but you must not abuse either. A woman should not feel stifled in a relationship and feel she has no freedom. It's not your prisoner!

Never show emotions

At one time it was frowned upon for guys to show their feelings. So they passed for tough! It must be admitted that times have changed and that today a man has a right to show his feelings. You do not have to cry like a Madeleine at the end of Titanic, but you have a right to tell her that you found it moving. You can also say about it when you feel sad, stressed or cheerful. It's appalling to keep this within oneself!   

Wanting to solve problems at SA place

We often love our blonde so much that we would like to be able to solve her problems in her area. It must be understood, however, that it is often the task of the government to resolve them. Of course, you can offer her help, and if she accepts, you can then help her, but in other cases, it is better to let her handle it by herself. Otherwise, you might just poison things. In short, it is better to meddle in one's affairs! 


As you can see, problem situations often involve excess. The line between what is normal and what is excessive is often thin and varies from one relationship to another. It will be up to you to find it and strike the right balance so that it and you can live harmoniously. 


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