Sunday, April 2, 2017

7 Habits That Tell a Lot About You

Every day we do things that seem trivial. But these attitudes can provide information about who you are: your personality, how you feel, and how you see things in life in general. These little habits have their meaning.


Are you eating fast or slowly? Whatever your habits, they say something about you. If you eat slowly, you are a person who loves control and enjoys enjoying life. If on the contrary, you eat quickly, you are among those who are ambitious, impatient and enjoy new experiences. 

7 Habits That Tell a Lot About You
On the other hand, you are an adventurer if you like going out of your comfort zone and discovering new flavors. So, what do your eating habits tell you?


You may not know it, but when you share a moment with someone you like, you speak through your body. Much more than body language, your attitude is based on the man you have in front of you. If he touches his hair, if he puts his hand in front of his mouth, you will do the same. At that time, you are all 2 in phase and (without a word) share a romantic moment.


Look at your emails received, not spam or advertisements, but those you receive by distinct people. Well, these emails can reveal personality traits of the sender. An outgoing person will tend to talk about fun things or turn those emails so that you sketch a smile on your lips. Not surprisingly, a narcissistic person will use the "I" in all the sauces.


Being late to a lot of inconveniences, especially for important appointments. But know that this is not synonymous with non-consideration. There are 4 types of personalities linked to a lack of punctuality: the perfectionist who will not leave until everything is in order, the rebel who can not stand authority and social norms, the dreamer who is more than optimistic about the time she has and the crisis-maker who likes to confront the deadlines. 
You can also be a mix of 4 types presented. Now if you are a particular person, do not change anything at all. If you are not, it is that one way or another, you have an evil organization. But there will always be a solution to help you.


Are you biting your nails, pulling your hair or twisting it? I do not teach you anything if I tell you that you have spasms related to your emotional state. It is perfectionists who are more prone to nervous tics. After all, it is always better to do something than to do nothing at all. But hey, it's not very elegant. So you have to learn to master your emotions so that you always have beautiful nails.


For some, your phone is your daily companion that you have difficulty separating yourself would only be a few minutes in the course of your day. And again, your addiction has a meaning. We talk about emotional instability. You have this tendency to want to hide everything you feel behind your screen as if it were a shield. 
It has been proven through studies that people expressing these feelings of shyness and/or modesty have less this sensation of addiction to their phone. Get off your smartphone, enjoy what's around you and learn how to communicate.


View of high, left profile, with accessories ... Today, the selfie is served to us from all angles. And apart from the fact that you want to be to your advantage, your selfie talks about you. People who take their lower selfie seem more friendly. The conscientious are careful that they are visible in the background. Open people know how to convey emotions through their photo. 
Of course, we do not forget the famous "Duck Face" - duckface, which makes you look like a depressed person. Anyway, do not deprive yourself of having fun thanks to your selfies. The most important thing is that you are comfortable with yourself.


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