Sunday, April 2, 2017

5 Ways to Stay Calm (Even if you're about to explode)

Most of us experience some level of stress throughout our lives; The way we react to it, positively or negatively, can make the difference between being assertive or reactive.

When you are under pressure and feel that you are about to explode, the first thing you should concentrate on is to remain calm. Here are 5 tips that can save you from committing a grave mistake by acting impulsively:

#5. Keep calm if someone got you out of your boxes (And you want to get a few teeth)

Before you check whether Tae-Bo's classes will serve to unleash your rage on that exasperating subject or an expletive from your mouth that you regret a few minutes later, you need to count - slowly - up to ten.

You do not have to say anything while you do it; Just be sure not to react or act in those moments. Whatever happens (and even if you see the other as a great boxing bag with legs).

Take it easy.
In most circumstances, by the time you've reached ten, your mind has cleared enough to find a better way to vent your fist (I mean, Point!) Of sight. This way, you rise a little above the problem, and it will look smaller and more manageable.

5 Ways to Stay Calm (Even if you're about to explode)
If after counting to ten, you still feel like testing your left hook, then give yourself some time off. Go back, touch the retreat, leave the site. You would not gain anything by acting impulsively, so give yourself a longer time to stay calm and reevaluate how to communicate.

But if nerves or anxiety are the problems, read on ...

#4. If you feel nervous or anxious (and you've run out of fingernails)

The best thing you can do is wash your face with cold water, which will trigger your primitive dive reflex and help you decrease your heart rate by 10% to 25%. If you do not have immediate access to the water, try to breathe in pure air (getting a little sun while you do it, it will also help you stay calm).

The most important thing is to learn to breathe properly; We are poorly accustomed to squandering our respiratory capacity, and this has an adverse impact on our reaction to external stimuli.

Do you think a coffee could help you? For quite the contrary; Any caffeinated drink can worsen your nervousness and weaken your willpower.

Learning to breathe is, after all, the key to mastering your own body language. In fact, it is one of the first lessons of my book.

#3. If you feel undecided (And you do not know if you keep reading this article...)

Performs a simple cost and benefit analysis. One of the most difficult decisions we can take is to leave a job that we hate (but that we already know well and in which we have a secure pay), for another that we would like more ... but without the check of the fifteen and last.

Put each option on a page, with a line in the middle. For each, write your pros and cons with the luxury of details (Add a cartoon of your hated boss if you consider necessary). To make a quantitative analysis, assign a weight to each of the 1 (little influential) to 5 (very prominent).

Ready! No longer has any pretext, you have the solution with a simple addition/subtraction.

#2. If you lost your inspiration (or are procrastinating three-quarters of your day)

My recommendation is that you try with intense aerobic exercises (but the first talk to your doctor, I do not want the remedy to be worse than the disease).

Try to energize yourself, and look for new activities; Sometimes we are so closed and immersed in our work, that our creativity is exhausted. You have to distract and loosen up that intensity in what you do! And it is necessary that you do it daily!

The way you use your body dictates how your emotions flow. I assure you that as you discover the dormant vitality of your physique, your confidence and inspiration will return.

#1. If you feel that you are overcome by fear, mistrust or depression (And you need to recover your peace urgently)

Turn to nature. Surround yourself with green and blue colors, do your best to find a space that is truly yours, on which you can meditate and silence your mind for at least half an hour.

For this difficult situation, which goes beyond a lack of creativity or an excess of impulsivity towards those who drive us crazy, the most important thing is to remember that you have the potential to solve any problem that crosses you.

You know it's true! All you need is for your heart to be beating. Call it trust or faith in yourself, as you wish; But believe that you can actually stay calm and make a change in your life.

What do you expect to try? And calm! Remember that you are not alone. You can also subscribe to our weekly updates, so you do not miss even one of our articles.


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