Saturday, April 8, 2017

10 Uses of lip balm you probably don't know

Balm lip is most commonly used to give shine to the lips, as well as add moisture, preventing them from chapping. However, many alternative uses will amaze anyone. Here we show you some of them. don't know

Prevents blistering

Have you bought a new pair of shoes but you damage the skin of your heels? Do not worry, apply a little lip balm over that area and go for a walk without pain.

If you got stuck in a ring...

Whether a ring has been jammed or your fingers have swollen, apply lip balm all over the surface, and you will see that it will come out easier than using soap.

Fill scrapes on objects and give them shine

If your shoes have small scratches, attach a little lip balm and see how they improve. You can also apply it on furniture surfaces, belts, and bags.

Good against minor injuries and insect bites

Due to its soothing and moisturizing properties, lip balm quickly removes various irritations, speeds up the process of rebuilding the cells and reduces itching. It also improves small scratches and redness on the skin.

Say goodbye to frizz in your hair

Lip balm helps combat frizz and stagnation in your hair, even on damp days. So, put a little lip balm on your brush and stand avoiding touching the roots, this way you will prevent them from looking dull. Also, if you apply it over your eyebrows, they will work as wax looking more orderly.

Relieves nasal irritation

If you have a cold, you will probably feel burning around your nose from wearing tissues. Apply lip balm to the irritated surface. But ** CARE **, do not use a lotion with menthol since it can cause itching.

Emergency sail

If you insert a wooden stick or match (match), or simply a string, your balm can become a candle of urgency.


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