Friday, April 7, 2017

10 tips For Living Healthier And Happier

Usually, we share many tips and recipes to live safe and more comfortable life. But happiness also has to do with health. Multiple studies show that happy people live healthier and vice versa. Since health and well-being make it easier for us to achieve happiness, here are ten tips to live healthier and happier.

1. Create a vision of your life that is worth living for

Let's always try to have a goal, to know where we are going and how we are moving in that direction.

2. Create Success Plans

For any large project, whether personal or professional, we need an action plan. Writing it is the best way to keep it in mind.

3. Think positive

We must not think about what we can not do but what we CAN do.

10 tips For Living Healthier And Happier
4. Select healthy foods and learn how to cook them

Let's eliminate junk food from our lives. Let's read the labels before buying the products and stay away from foods with a high sugar content. Eating well makes us happier.

5 . Slow down when eating

Eating slowly and appreciating the textures and flavors not only contributes to our happiness but also improves the functioning of our digestive system.

6. Doing some sport every day

Physical activity not only balances what we eat but also decreases stress by increasing endorphins, also known as the " happiness hormone ."

7. To meditate

We must find a quiet place every day to sit, relax and not think about anything. Are you having problems to stop thinking? Try repeating a mantra. Expert Kenneth Prange suggests something like: "I am grateful for all the beautiful things in my life. I have no complaints "and encourages us to try to visualize ourselves in a friendly and relaxing environment surrounded by nature.

8. Disconnect from time to time

Of stress, of technological devices, of everything. Think not only about energy conservation but also about your health (electromagnetic waves can be very harmful) and happiness (disconnection is necessary to feel better). Turn off your mobile phone when you do not need it.

9. Spending time in nature

Sit in your garden or under a tree in a nearby park. Listen to the sounds, feel the wind on your skin, the smells that surround you.

10. Create a healthy home

Having a clean home also contributes to health and well-being. Repairing something when it breaks, putting oil on a squeaking door, getting rid of the things we do not need are things that help us feel better.

And as a gift...

11. Have a good time!

Having fun and enjoying yourself is essential to being healthy and being happy. Let's never forget it! 


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