Wednesday, March 29, 2017

7 tips for traveling as a couple and not finishing apart

Traveling as a couple could be the worst mistake of your life and even lead to separation if you do not have in advance certain patterns of coexistence and mutual tolerance. Here we will give you the keys to travel as a couple and not end up separated.

7 tips for traveling as a couple and not finishing apart

Before starting the trip

Agree on topics such as tourist places to travel, budget  of trip, transportation they prefer and limitations of each (sleeping in tents, insect phobia, shared bathroom, etc.)

Brindense spaces

Traveling as a couple does not imply that everything should be done in two. If you want to take the time to be alone, you have to respect it. Taking place is healthy and keeps them from saturating each other quickly.

Share moments with other people

Being together and in intimacy is very positive for the couple. But it is also good to exchange experiences with other people if they are of the place much better. This will renew the energy and cause both to change air to face the following days.

Do not go to bed angry

If there is an argument or a fight, do not go to sleep angry. Traveling as a couple is not easy because they are far from family and friends. You two are the only ones who have and must solve the problem by talking.

Alternate the tastes of one and the other

In the morning they can follow a plan that he likes and negotiate for example, that in the afternoon go together to a place that she wants.

Try new things

Do at least one thing you've never done before. Find out how the couple works in the face of a different challenge. Testing is excellent when traveling as a couple.

When you come back, take stock

Discuss what they learned, what mistakes they made, what they liked and what they did not like. This will prepare you better for next time and more will ensure that there will be a next time.


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