Friday, March 31, 2017

10 Most Common Myths About Infidelity

This is one of the most controversial issues throughout history and is that, for many, infidelity can from becoming a natural process to become its worst nightmare.

According to various studies, the fact that someone is unfaithful is not a product of modern times, since historically there is a record of the existence of different societies based on polygamy; Even, it is known that man tends to be unfaithful for genetic issues.

10 Most Common Myths About Infidelity
In spite of this, the fact of discovering that at some point the couple was disloyal can get to cause an individual, and critical, damages in the other person.

Being something that, day by day, is more common in our society, there are more and more myths about this controversial subject; And that is why we have given ourselves the task of compiling some of the myths that revolve around infidelity.

1. Once you are unfaithful, you will always be. 

Although this may sound very logical, there are exceptions and is that in some cases the repentance is real and the efforts to recover the couple are real that does not recur to these adventures.

2. Cheating occurs with younger or attractive people. 

Thanks to the stereotypes that exist, the vast majority think that things tend to be this way; However, in a good percentage of infidelities, lovers are neither younger nor more attractive.

3. No person is not unfaithful. 

A very common phrase of the infidels to "justify" their acts; However, fidelity is a social issue that is learned in the family nucleus and, consequently, some people do seek a stable family without "adventures."

4. It is easier to discover a man than an unfaithful woman. 

Believe it or not, this is not true, on the contrary, a woman is more noticeable when she is in an adventure due to material details, changes of attitudes and more determination in their private arrangement.

5. If your partner is unfaithful to you, he does not love you. 

It is very common that after discovering an infidelity, we come to the conclusion that he no longer loves us or no longer likes us; However and although it sounds contradictory, the infidel can like his partner while he wants another.

6. Infidelities can help overcome crises. 

False! for the mere fact of being unfaithful represents, for the other person, the end of the trust, commitment and gives rise to many factors that lead to separation.

7. Infidelity = Unhappiness. 

This point is very subjective because according to several studies, the infidel men accept to take an adventure in spite of being euphoric with their pairs; On the other hand, women are unfaithful because they are not content with their relationship.

8. Men are often more unfaithful than females. 

This is one of the points that has changed drastically for some years and is that according to studies, more than 40% of women have been unfaithful at least once.

9. Infidels only seek sex. 

Believe it or not, very few people start an adventure to have sex, on the contrary, they do it because their relationship has become monotonous or because the passion is not the same and seek those feelings with someone else.

10. Who fantasizes, is unfaithful. 

Many people find that thinking and fantasizing about someone else is the first step toward infidelity; However, many are the specialists who recommend couples do so to overcome temptations and rekindle their relationship.


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