Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Earning Money from Your Articles

I often read of internet marketers extolling the virtues of article marketing — how it is a great way to market a website, get more backlinks, more traffic, and establish the writer as an expert in the field. However, I’ve seen very few people talk of how a small online business actually make money from their content through syndication.

In the early 90s with the dotcom boom, content syndication seemed easier to do, even if you have a small online presence. In the pre-Adsense era, you don’t have to be a Reuters or Associated Press to earn money through syndication. Companies such as iSyndicate (bought out by YellowBrix) and ScreamingMedia (bought out by Dow Jones’ MarketWatch) accepted even small content providers — and getting accepted and syndicated by these agencies assures you of earning a few thousands a month.

Instead of giving away your content for free in websites such as, check first if you can generate revenues from them. Today, here are some companies that can help you earn more money from your content:

    Mochila = free to join and you will set the price for your content. Mochila gets 30% of the selling price while the publisher gets 70%.
    Uclick = syndicates works of cartoonists, puzzle constructors/developers and gamers
    iCopyright = one of the leading reprint solutions today allowing publishers to earn by selling reprints of their content. Publishers pay a percentage (about 10%) of the closed sale done through iCopyright technology
    Associated Content = pay range is about $3 to $20 and accepts both exclusive (never been published before content) or non-exclusive (previously published).
    YellowBrix = top tier content providers; hard for small businesses to get accepted as a provider
    Suite 101 = they recently relaunched the site and now accepts freelance writer for a revenue sharing proposition. Writers earn a percentage of the income earned from Google Adsense ads served on the article pages. The downside is that they want to be first place where you publish the article, and wants the article to be exclusive to Suite 101 for 1 year – after which you can republish in other places including your website (a significant downside if you have your own blog and website)

If you know of other places that can help in syndicating and monetizing content, please let me know.


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