Tuesday, November 29, 2016

6 Tips To Make You A More Productive Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs can be one of the most frustrated sets of individuals! You want to know why? This is because it can be very difficult excelling as an entrepreneur considering the peculiar challenges that entrepreneurs encounter. Entrepreneurs who do not learn how to cope with peculiar challenges such as absence of regulatory mechanism, poor internet connection, infrastructural deficits may end up becoming unproductive and eventually frustrated. In this post, you will learn about tips you need to know in order to more productive as an entrepreneur.
6 Tips To Make You A More Productive Entrepreneur
Constantly Write Down Your Goals – Big or Small: As simple as this may sound, there are many entrepreneurs who go about their daily activities without having goals for the day. They believe in the principle of “do it as it comes”, or “anything goes”. The fact remains that such attitude towards work would never lead to efficiency and productivity because such entrepreneurs do not have a guide or anything to measure their level of success or accomplishment at the end of each day. Setting goals as an entrepreneur helps you to stay focused in the course of carrying out activities, whether daily, weekly or monthly. Also, setting goals helps you to measure your level of success as an entrepreneur. 

Make Plans Ahead of Time: This point basically underscores the previous point on writing down your set goals. Multitasking leaves us forgetting a lot of things we are supposed to do hence, it’s advisable to always take notes as you go along. To overcome the challenge of being under undue pressure and missing out important details, it is best you meticulously plan your tasks for the year, breaking them down into monthly, weekly, and daily activities. With this, you have a structured and organized plan on the activities you have to carry out on daily basis.

Leverage on Available Resources: To achieve some goals you just have to tap into the opportunities presented by others. Leveraging on other people’s accomplishment provides a cheaper and faster way of getting things done. You pay little or nothing to leverage on other people’s expertise; they could be  friends, relatives or just acquaintances. With the avalanche of operational softwares at our disposal, there are so many free applications entrepreneurs can introduce to their businesses that will aid effective and efficient execution of tasks and activities.

Learn to Cut Cost: As much as every entrepreneur has the dream of ‘starting big’, you need to put that on the back burner and actively come up with plans on how to bootstrap. At times, the first few years of setting up your business can be very stormy and to forge ahead during this period, you must reduce your cost. For instance, it would be illogical for a fledgling entrepreneur to budget a very huge chunk on marketing and advertising.

Delegate and Outsource Tasks – You Can’t Be A One Man Army: To be a productive or more productive entrepreneur, you must learn how to delegate tasks to other members of the team. The fact is you cannot carry out all the activities that need to be done on your own. You can reserve only core tasks that require your utmost attention for yourself. Delegating tasks helps you to concentrate on the few most important tasks you have allotted for yourself and provides you with ample time to concentrate on coming up with innovative ideas to move your business forward. In a case when you can’t find any member of the team to deliver on the task, then you can outsource such tasks to experts. There are a thousand and one freelancers both online and offline who charge very little for helping you get some tasks done within a short time.

Take Breaks: Working non-stop may be the best way to grow your business as an entrepreneur, but on the flipside, it could also be counterproductive. Research has proven beyond doubt that taking intermittent breaks from work helps re-energize the body and gives you a fresh outlook on things.


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