Wednesday, November 2, 2016

10 Simple Things You Can Do To Achieve Authentic Happiness

You want to feel happier. Do you want to know how to be happy?
Happiness, the thinking often goes, is one of those things you either have or don't have based on some unknown combination of life.
Feeling down?
Questioning your purpose?
Drowning in chaos or overwhelmed by boredom?
We've all been there at one point or another. We're human. Being unhappy is a part of life, however you don't have to settle for staying in such a state.

10 Simple Things You Can Do To Achieve Authentic Happiness
If you want to proactively lighten your mood and insert positivity into your life, then check out the following list of simple things you can do. C'mon, let's get happy. :)

1. Get organized.

Having things in order improves every area of your physical and mental life. I've never heard anyone say that they're happy with a mess, so organize something. Even if it's a tiny area of your home or decluttering your email inbox, the order will create a light feeling. 

2. Clear your mind.

You must be of sound mind to be happy, so it's important to be aware of your thoughts. Just like your physical space, having a cluttered mind can be depressing and overwhelming. Choose to be happy by quieting the chaos in your head.

3. Be charitable.

Whether it's volunteering your time or donating money to an effort that you feel passionate about, do it. No matter how big or small your donation is, there is an authentic happiness that comes with giving to others.

4. Surround yourself with positivity.

Surround yourself with people and things that only make you smile and be happy. How positive could you really be if every time you walked in your house you saw an item that reminds you of something bad? Or how happy could you really be if your friends are drama queens that are always complaining?

5. Adopt healthy living habits.

Things like exercising and eating right, organized living, everything in moderation, waking up happy, living consciously and so on are paramount. Start with one habit you'd like to implement or change for the better. Come up with a system that you can stick with. Once you've done it for a few weeks and the habit is second nature, then move on to implementing another one.

6. Be on time.

Be on time for everything. If you're always running late, then you're always in a rush (which sucks). You could be happy (much happier) if you end this practice of chasing time by doing everything a little earlier.

7. Don't over promise and under deliver.

Do what you say you will do. If you're constantly over promising, then you're also constantly disappointing others and consequently disappointing yourself. Keep your promises, so be mindful of what it is you are saying you will do. If you are always saying yes when you know you can't actually commit, then start practicing saying no. If you are unsure of how to gracefully decline opportunities, then do a quick Google search. You'll find some great, simple advice.

8. Find the positive.

There's a positive side to absolutely everything - find it, think it, live it. This is a great practice if you're wondering how to deal with stress. Read more about being mental in a good way in my Life Lessons book and read about the positive takeaways from any experience in my music festival short stories.

9. Keep in touch with family and friends.

A phone call, a text message, an email, a Facebook post, a Twitter shout out, a postcard, a greeting card...anything that quickly says, "I'm thinking of you" will lighten someone's day as well as your own.

10. Do what you love.

Not everyone is lucky enough to work in a field that they love. If you are one of these lucky ones, enjoy every second of it. If you're not, then make a point to get involved in your passion in your free time.

Now over to you, what activities do you partake in to lighten your mood and improve your life? I would love to hear your thoughts on how to be happy in the comments below.
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