Thursday, October 6, 2016

3 Reasons Why Your Health is Key to Success

Learn about the connection between success and health. Think about happiness, good health and success, and you will cause people to like you and desire to help you, because they enjoy the vibrations that a positive mind emits.
Three arguments that will convince you to pay more attention to the way you eat, sleep and you exercise.

3 Reasons Why Your Health is Key to Success
How we care for our bodies affects our job performance. Skip your weekly routine because "you do not have time" will only make you adopt negative habits which, in turn, will impact your mood and productivity. Also, order fast food instead of cooking just to go to the supermarket you hurt a lot more than you think.

Here, three arguments that will convince you to pay more attention to the way you eat, you sleep and you exercise.

Healthy food nourishes your body and a strong mind feeds

Did you know that some foods you become smarter? The most flattering for entrepreneurs brain foods are beets, fish, berries, protein and nuts. Include them in your daily diet to improve your concentration, focus, memory and alertness. In addition, to have a sound sleep, eat pure honey, relaxing herbal teas and easy to digest foods.

Times are also important. Do not let your hunger dictates when to eat. Studies suggest that the best time for breakfast is between 7 and 7:30 am, lunch between 12:30 and 1 pm, and dinner between 6 and 6:30 pm. While sticking to a strict schedule is unrealistic because of the amount of work and meetings, follow a guide to eating will provide a solid structure for your diet and endows you with enough energy to conquer your day.

Working without sleep produces poor results

Today, one of the least healthy professional habits is to presume how little sleep the night before. While it is admirable that a person is willing to sacrifice everything to achieve their goals, even if it means tossing a work marathon 48 hours, this is more counterproductive than cash.

For super successful entrepreneurs like Arianna Huffington and Marc Andreessen, the rest you need is a priority. Workers who frequently reveal exhausted, and this is reflected in their productivity.

According to the division of sleep Harvard Medical School, the consequences of not getting enough sleep are disastrous for your health and job performance. "In the short term, lack of sleep can affect your judgment, mood, ability to retain information and learn, and can increase the risk of serious accidents. In the long term, chronic lack of sleep can lead to many health problems such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even death. "

Often, workers are surprised disclosed themselves staring at a blank screen, struggling to complete tasks, acting aggressively, feeling irritable or forgetting to complete important assignments. The risks of sleep less to "win" one or two hours far outweigh the benefits, which are certainly few.

Exercise refreshes the mind

In a brief interview, the business tycoon Richard Branson suggested, "exercise keeps the brain function. I can definitely achieve the double in one day if I stay in shape. "

Daily physical routines are necessary for long-term success ingredient. In fact, President Barack Obama, Bill Gates and Mark Cuban are aware of this, and make a great effort to exercise.

For busy entrepreneurs, there are endless ways to slowly move towards an exercise routine. First, remember that small changes can make huge differences. Start by taking the stairs instead of the elevator climb. Get up every so often on your desktop to walk and stretch. Walk to work. Soon you practice that these minor changes will have a big impact on your mood, your safety and energy level. Soon you not hate going to the gym ... or maybe even enjoy!


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