Sunday, October 16, 2016

Stop The Stress: Stop The Devil's Circle

Stress & Depression: After the hassle with the boss, a burger is just right. Or chocolate when there is stress in the family. The soul demands something good. We all know that such an eating behavior is detrimental to health. However, the handle for food is almost automatic when it is loaded. Learn with a few tricks on how to go through life more than stress relievers.

Stop The Stress: Stop The Devil's Circle
First find out your triggers! In the case of the one, it is the time pressure, in the case of another unfriendly customer, in the case of the third, it is the noise of the struggling children. Because not every stress is felt by everyone as a stress, you should write down for a while what was happening before an eating lunch. Very quickly you will see where your weaknesses lie. Because you have to know the opponent before you can switch it off.

Now it's about changing the habits

Anger in the job makes you hungry for sweets? Or do you treat yourself to a junk food after a stressful job? Wherever you tend to stress, you now have the chance to replace soothing or rewarding foods, with meaningful variants. Make sure that the alternative tastes good.

The first thing in your anti-stress campaign is therefore: Do not buy any food that can be dangerous to you in case of emergency

If you tend to plaster with stress chips, leave them on the shelf of the supermarket now. If chocolate is your comforter, you will make a large selection of products from today.

Point two against stress: find a replacement

This time it is not about food. If you are excited or disturbed, consume your nervous energy by dancing to your favorite song. Even a brisk walk helps to relieve tension, without sweets coming into play.

If you feel exhausted and feel like you have to reward yourself, you can do it without additional calories. A warm tea warms the soul, a bath with a special scent or simply a cozy blanket, in which you wrap, leave you comfortable.

The third point in the fight against stress is to win time

They know that the appetite for emotional eating is a bit razor-like. That makes him so insidious. Before you really understand what you are doing, you already have the chips in your hand. So be sure to give five minutes before your first bite. This is a manageable time in which you can ask yourself whether you are really hungry now. Explore how you feel instantly. If, after the five minutes, the food is still tempting, you have at least gained the insight as to why you want to eat now.

The most important thing in the fight against stress

Stay realistic. Even small successes steadily steer the stresses into sensible paths. It is important that you recognize your emotional food as such.


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