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Sleeping Disorders: So You Can Fall Asleep In the Evening

If you are having sleeping disorder problem, read this one: You know that too? They lie in bed for hours and roll around in search of the appropriate sleep position. Still, the so important and restful sleep does not come, in the body and mind regenerate, to be again for the next day again. The following tips and methods will help you to fall asleep better.
Sleeping Disorders: So You Can Fall Asleep In the Evening
A well-ventilated, fresh-smelling bedroom makes breathing easier, and the lungs get enough oxygen. Make your bed and the environment-friendly and take care of sleeping and sleeping as much peace as possible. 18 ° C room temperature is ideal. You will also sleep better on a good mattress and a cozy, not too high head pillow.

The so-called sleep hygiene also includes the absence of coffee or other caffeine-containing drinks, alcohol, nicotine and digested food just before sleeping, so that the digestive tract can also pause.

When the stress and the worries prevent falling asleep

You can fall asleep more quickly, especially if you forget the tension of the day and forget the worries. There are some tried and tested methods that are easy to use. The autogenic training, for example, works like breathing and relaxation exercises in yoga on the conscious feeling and relaxation of all body regions, starting from the toes and then up to the hair roots.

In the case of progressive muscle relaxation, all the muscles of the body are fundamental tension, then relaxed again. The method of imagination is based on the vision. Here, you imagine the gentle falling asleep with closed eyes and unseen unintentionally into the realm of dreams. Worries and unfinished things that you are thinking about when you fall asleep, you should write down and leave them outside the bedroom where they can wait for you. A disengaged mind solves the problems better.

Better sleep through daily routine

Of course, it is healthy to do enough sport during the day, but you do not demand too much for your body before going to sleep because it makes it harder to rest. During an evening stroll, however, you can relax and take a deep breath.

Get accustomed to daily recurring rituals before sleeping, such as listening to music or reading. The sight of holiday photos or other beautiful things scares off disturbing thoughts of unsolved problems. They will quickly get used to a rhythm and can fall asleep better.

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