Friday, October 7, 2016

Is Love a Psychological Disorder?

Psychological disorders can have different themes, and love and relationships theme is just one of them. What is love really? Ever wonder what is this love, emotion you feel for someone? Is it your psychological disorder? 
I'm not telling you that if you love someone that is your psychological disorders, but in some case some love or feelings goes crazy, maybe that could be considered as this "Mental Illness".

Is Love a Psychological Disorder?
At present, and the two manuals psychiatric reference in hand (International Classification of Diseases and problems related to health (ICD), WHO, and Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), the Association American Psychiatric), infatuation does not appear as a medical condition, "but what are their symptoms," as noted by the British writer and psychologist Frank Tallis.

The most striking feature of research in the twentieth century is that it has rarely been able to avoid the language of psychopathology, "When Love Box is opened, which is identified with a listed disease invariably" says Tallis . DSM criteria to determine that we have a mental disorder is that "cause clinically significant distress or harm social, employment and other areas of activity." But when we consider it clinically significant? Drinking winds by someone, of course, can incapacitate us or make us suffer terribly. How many people, after pleading love, they can work as usual the next day? Being in this state has a number of symptoms that, in other situations, indeed, suggest a psychiatric problem.


"Lovesickness refers to an informal affliction that describes negative feelings associated with rejection, unrequited love or the absence of a loved one. It can manifest as physical as well as mental symptoms." - Wikipedia 


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