Thursday, October 6, 2016

10 Tips To Get People To Take You Seriously

If you're going to get anywhere in business, you need people to take you seriously. Follow these tips to earn the respect and trust of the people with whom you relate in the business world.

If you're going to get somewhere in business, you need people to take you seriously. According to a research, you can increase your credibility with the presentation, knowledge and skills ideals.

1. Let people talk about themselves. This is a good secret to making a good impression. According to a Harvard research, talk about yourself stimulates the same brain regions that sex or a good meal. When two men talk about their experiences, they are more vulnerable with each other and form a social bond to help each other.

2. Get dressed for the occasion. "The appearance is our first filter," says Sylvia Ann Hewlett, author of "Executive Presence" (Executive Presence). Princeton researchers realized they must spend about 100 milliseconds to record a first impression, the time it takes a hummingbird move their wings.

The good news is that the image may help. "It's not about the shape of your body, the texture of your hair or clothing brand you use," says Hewlett. You do not have to wear a dark suit all the time, instead pay attention to how people in your company and industry dresses and follows suit.

3. Master the handshake.
Strong shaking hands is not pressing with all your strength. It is about presence. Tom Chiarella explains in detail: "In the street or anywhere, directs your shoulders to the person you meet. Make the amount shake hands, make eye contact and put your arm at the correct angle. Smile, if you can not, be nice. You're not a fool butler, you ".

A handshake and shows that you respect that person and science confirms that respect give respect back.

4. Practice your posture. Your position reflects the way you feel and how you present yourself in front of others. For example, if you have a "power pose" with your shoulders straight, you will give the message to your hormonal system to release chemicals needed to make you look more confident.

5. Find out about what is happening in the world. Many people hire individuals who have expertise in a subject and interest on various subjects. That pattern may be the same in any race.

If you have a business, then stay updated on the latest changes in the industry so you can discuss them. In addition, you need a lot of knowledge in general, so read the section on science, technology and popular culture.

6. Prepare excessively. "Ignorance is one of the less respectable features in the professional world, if not the worst," says Roberto Rocha. If you want to have your ideas, learn better than others.

In other words, you need to develop a strong knowledge in your field. Marissa Mayer and executives like Elon Musk are known to reject any idea that present them. The time to take a pitch, be sure to be well informed to make intelligent arguments.

7. Tell stories to people. The numbers are impressive, but not enough to connect with people. Take for example the TED talks; the most successful presentations are 65 percent and 35 percent stories numbers.

8. Watch your tone. If you make a statement like if a question is not as if you will inform anything. If you end your sentences with a higher pitch than you started, people can feel you're not sure what you say, even if that is not your intention.

9. Be confident and be humble. Anthony Tjan says the investor to get the respect of people you must first marry humility with confidence. "You require sufficient self-confidence to demand respect from others, but that needs to be balanced with knowing that there are things you do not know".

Humility is the step towards respect, while self-confidence is the way to ask.

10. Bonus: The more you're aware of what you do not know, you want to learn harder.


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