Friday, October 14, 2016

Can You Die From Overwork?

As #entrepreneurs we spend many hours at work, striving to move forward with our companies. In fact, the search for balance between personal and professional life is a constant in the lives of men and women business issue. But beware, if you spend more than 100 hours working per month you could suffer Karoshi (overwork death) syndrome.
#Karoshi (overwork death) syndrome is a very real phenomenon in Japan has already claimed the lives of 2,130.
Can You Die From Overwork?
This term coined in Japan in the 80s is used to define death from overwork, either by staying too long in office, taking work home or, more current way, continue working through the Smartphone.

Although it seems an exaggeration, the Karoshi (overwork death) is a very real problem of public health in the country of the rising sun. In fact, there is a law that states that if an employee dies by Karoshi, the company that hires must pay compensation of more than a million and a half dollars to the family.

Japan is taking this problem seriously. This month the Japanese government published a report indicating that about 300 people die each year from Karoshi and since the phenomenon was identified, overwork has claimed about 2,130 victims (who have been found legally).
Should we care?

Suicide cases in Japan stress are well known worldwide because of its highly competitive environment, so the Karoshi (
overwork death) not seem to be a very crazy phenomenon. But, in countries like USA, India or UK?

According to the latest figures published in the summer by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), 2015 Mexican workers are working longer hours among member countries. On average, they work thousand 246 hours a year!

How can affect you overwork? A new study by the American Psychological Association reported that:

  • 48% of people admit to having experienced a substantial increase in stress over the past 5 years. 
  • 31% of employed adults have difficulty balancing their family and personal problems. 
  • 53% of workers say their jobs leave them "overwhelmed and exhausted."
Meanwhile, the Japanese government found that long working hours are linked to high blood pressure, heart disease and a lifestyle unhealthy as not exercising, suffer lack of sleep, poor eating habits, going to a minor number of medical visits and increased anxiety and tension. Does this sound familiar?

Getting to work exhaustion can cause you cognitive problems, severe stress boxes and chronic diseases, damage your relationships and burnout syndrome.


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