Saturday, October 22, 2016

9 Tips To Improve Your Personal And Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth is a choice which depends on our relation with the creator or nature. You can improve your personal spiritual growth by practicing to be more awakening and becoming more conscious. 
Personal growth usually occurs in periods. There are times when we won some and lose others, our personal growth comes to a standstill. I present 9 tips to get back on track:

9 Tips To Improve Your Personal And Spiritual Growth
1) Internalizing that growth continues despite our efforts come to naught.

Growth can be compared to fermentation. Often it germinates well below the surface and appears inactive for long periods. However, small changes are taking place in our way of seeing the world. One day, it breaks the surface layer and the awakening comes.

Good things take time, effort, dedication, perseverance and patience. You never miss your intention to grow personally.

2) Participate in the process; abandon attachment to the result.

We live in a results-oriented world. That's good and bad. In the short term, it allows us to do more things faster. In the long term, it brings impatience, discouragement and abandonment of sustained effort.

The results occur spontaneously, easily. To participate fully in the process you must fully focus on the present.

3) Focus on one thing.

Many achievers take pride in their ability to keep several balls in the air at the same time. For many, it works, but there is a price to pay. Multitasking is called, divide your attention and reduces energy devoted to any task.

Focus on one thing is equivalent to enjoy the beauty of a rose, savor the taste of clean clear water from a spring cold and feel the excitement of a new day. This kind of attitude inspires and invigorates.

4) Stop thinking, writing and speaking in the first person.

It's good to worry about himself but occasionally also have to leave parked the ego and give way to what others can teach.

5) Find the lesson of pain.

This is not a plea for a life of sacrifice or an argument that pain is necessary and good. It's just that sometimes, the pain arises. Avoid emotions like anger, resentment and resignation.

6) Never stop being yourself.

This implies acceptance of your less good things. There is always time to polish them but others do not hide your opinion and your true way of seeing life.

7) Stay away from negative people.

On the contrary, seeks contact with those interesting, productive and contribute something to your personal growth people.

8) Follow your own plans.

Do not let anyone impose or drag you to live a different life than you planned.

9) Listen when someone talk.

Many times when we are "listening", we are preparing our responses, defenses and replicas. In short, we are blocking our opportunity to learn. Listening is refrain from judging, going beyond the actual words.

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