Thursday, October 6, 2016

6 Simple Strategies To Stay Motivated

It is hardly a secret that the key to successfully accomplishing one goal after another is staying motivated. Although it seems that things are out of your reach, do not lose sight of your goals and finish projects.

I've been working on a project that has become eternal and I'm frustrated. I have nothing to show for my hard work. I feel that the project is stalled. Day after day nothing changes and I find myself thinking how long I can go without giving up? Doubt it has invaded me. I know that away it is not the answer, but these negative feelings are beginning to kill my creativity.

Staying motivated is even more difficult when it comes to planning things that seem to last for years. This does not mean that we should turn away from these projects. Record these tips and strategies to stay focused.

1. Feed your soul. There are many ways to do this. Professionally, I think the best way is surrounding myself with people who are positive and who wants the best for me. I need all the support we can to lift me.

If I'm with a team, I know I can benefit trust them. I am in contact with these people to brainstorm and ask their opinion. If I ask a colleague or someone I respect your opinion, usually it gives me a solution for a problem that was worrying me.

2. Do not lose sight of the goal. What's all about? You forgot it? Most of us forget why we started one way or another to focus on our daily problems. Do what you can to not forget your goals.

Write them on a piece of paper and paste it into your computer. Find an image that represents your goal and hang in a place you see every day. Remember why I do what I always fills me with energy.

3. Ask for help. When something is not working, stop and ask your boss, manager or mentor how it is done. Do not wait too long. When I'm stuck, I know someone with experience will be able to share some light for my problem. Listen, but also ask questions. I still call my mentor when I have a problem and always helps me back on the road.

4. Get inspired. When I need encouragement I read "The Magic of Thinking Big" (The Magic of Thinking Big) by David J. Schwartz. It always reminds me of what I can do and how I can do it. What books or blogs inspire you?

5. Have a hobby. What makes you happy outside of work? If you have trouble answering this question you may have a problem. I have not many hobbies, but I love being in my garden. My backyard is my domain. Do not depend on other people and is always available to me. When I feel sad or stressed I like to plant things and I find it very relaxing.

6. Give something back. Stop focusing on yourself and your business for a moment. Find a way to help someone else. Donate your time.

Staying motivated is not easy, especially when the goal you have in mind seems further away than ever. Try not to scourge car, but at the same time do not get excited too much when things go well.

Success takes time, there will be red and green lights. You have heard this before but I'll say it again: it is better to try to enjoy the journey because, speaking from my experience, reaching the top will not be as exciting as you thought.


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