Friday, October 14, 2016

5 Tips To Capitalize On Weekends To Increase Creativity

Your greatest professional asset is your creative brain. But here's the problem: your creative brain is overloaded, stressed and is less effective when you do not give the necessary rest. If you want to wrap yourself in a mental creative task, you must find strategic and decisive moments of disconnection.

Take note of these tips and make the most juice to the moments of rest so that when you return to your work, you're more creative than ever.
Think of the creative brain like a muscle. Like any other, desperately you need time to rest. When the muscle recovery time enjoying it becomes stronger.

The prescription? You need not think about work.

Your own (bad) example. Remember that once you were behind on deadlines and you spent so much time working as you did in the week? You got engaged to fill you in so you could start from scratch on Monday, right?

But, how "cool" you were? The safest thing is that your creative brain felt tired and listless when you started the week. If you really want to have a fresh perspective and do things right, you must create moments of mental disconnect from your work.

Here are some ideas on how not to think about work.

1. Establishes rules. If you want your creative muscle rest you need to let go completely. Set up a schedule, preferably 24 hours and commit to stay away completely. That means no calls, no emails, no job readings. I know it's asking a lot but if you want your brain recharges really, need you away.

2. Plan ahead. Finish the job that can not wait. Talk to people around you and tell your plan. Place an automated voice message in your email and answering machine. Think of everything you can put together in your mind while you enjoy your free time and you protect it proactively.

3. Put on something else. If you want to get away from work then it takes another activity. I have long studied karate. It made me invaluable because it required a lot of attention, physical and mental. My total commitment to karate allowed strategic retreat from work. Choose something that occupies your mind (or even your body). If that "something" is your family much better!

4. Think of a mantra.
Your mind invariably try to return to work. Do not torture yourself. Only develops a mental statement: "I'm not there - I'm" Do not stop writing ideas. Do not cheat. Focus your attention on the other side and continue with your spare time.

5. Get ready for the return. Let me tell you the nice part of the story. When you come back after that break, You become stronger!
When I take a whole weekend off I'm the best Monday morning. My team looks at me with an expression of "What's it to you stung?" I'm more creative Mondays when my brain enjoyed a weekend off work. Prepare to be the most productive.


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