Thursday, October 6, 2016

4 Simple Ways To Be Super-Motivated Always

Motivation is key to success ...
Without it, it is almost impossible for us to feel able and willing to perform certain necessary for the fulfillment of objectives activities.

It is motivated and have self-motivation means that the level of resistance to some activity or task is minimal or virtually zero. In other words, motivation is what actually happens when you want to do something.

But what about a Super-Motivation?

4 Simple Ways To Be Super-Motivated Always
The Super-Motivation is not a formal and existing concept, but rather a way that I personally use to denote extreme motivation.

Have you ever been too lazy to study? Have you had wanted to sleep, play, partying, etc.? Have you ever felt a burning desire to perform a certain activity, not necessarily work or study?

That's Super-motivation. What we want to do above all things.

Many people mistakenly say that there is a "lack of motivation" but in reality there is no such thing. They forget that at any time we are motivated, just not always to the same things.

Sometimes we feel motivated to rest, sometimes playing, sometimes out, sometimes singing ... etc.

The question is: Is it possible to achieve a level of Super-Motivation for what I want? And the answer is Yes and No.
Yes, because we have hand human psychology, which teaches us many facets of our personality and attitude, based on which we can take advantage to perform optimally.

And no, because motivate yourself to do something you hate is very, very difficult.

Having said that, there are basically four fundamental components of motivation you should consider:

1. Feeling Ability

This means thinking and believing that I can do something. How many times, just for fear of not being able to do something, you stopped doing? The motivation is on the side of those who feel able to accomplish things. Or in other words, who has self-efficacy.

If you do not feel able to do something, or carry it out effectively, then the solution is to increase your level of preparation, either studying, practicing, researching, watching others do, etc.

2. Value And Enjoy

You think you can motivate you to do something you hate with all your soul? It is not possible, unless there are punishments or other similar things, but in that case we talk about motivation but of obligation (such as employees working for money and not by vocation).

It's simple: If you want to be motivated, what will you do must have value to you and you enjoy it. If it is not fun, at least should be able to carry it out in a fun environment and should be able to enjoy the experience. For this, it is good to have on hand a good drink, maybe some music, a suitable temperature, an environment free of distractions and clutter, etc. It is easy to see super-disordered students who have no motivation to study.

3. Control Impulsiveness

What so many other things you want to do at this point other than to read this article? If they are many, you may not feel as motivated to read. Impulsiveness is the desire to be doing other things at some point, and the good news is that this is quite easy to control, as most impulses come from disruptions environment.

These interruptions come in the form of notification of family social networks, phone calls, text messages, friends, etc. If you control the things that can interrupt you and get you out of your way at any given moment, will be almost impossible to want to do something else, therefore, you are motivated.

4. Perception Of Time

What is easier for you? Will losing 30 Kilos in 12 months? Or get on the bike 30 minutes today? Although the latter leads to the former, the former seems infinite, the second ends in a while.

When we perceive that some activity will last forever, we encourage you to do other things and we are too lazy. But if we organize time so that we perceive different and much shorter, motivation will remain intact.

We see this clearly in people who want to read a book of 800 pages. Probably only see the book no longer read. Why? By that time perception he tells them that soon too. The solution may be rather read 1 hour per day, or 1 daily chapter. When you distribute the time this way, you know that today, you can read an hour. No matter how much progress, and no matter how much you miss. Lees an hour and ready.
And What Is So Super-Motivation?

Very simple: The 4 things together.

A good sense of ability, a perception of value and enjoyment, strict control of impulsive and a perception of short and achievable time.

When these ingredients together, you can convert virtually any activity on something you Super-Motive, and believe that the results you get a super-motivated, they are great.


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