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20 Simple Rules to Live By For a Happier Life

It's easy to think of happiness as a result, but happiness is also a driver. make a very few simple change in your lifestyle and see, you will be happier than ever. Whatever challenges you may be facing, there are steps you can take right now to feel better about your life. Can't stop stressing over life? Stop worrying- because it's a major waste of energy.

20 Simple Rules to Live By For a Happier Life
Below are 20 very simple rules to be happy or maybe happier than ever, try it out.

01. Concerted and love yourself.

Love is an experience. It is an internal energy of love. It is go inside, quieting the mind, close your eyes and experience inner peace, tranquility, appreciate things that are really important in your life.
Meditation or any practice that allows you to go inside will help you achieve that state of balance and mental tranquility you seek. That said and happiness are not outside but inside you.

When you choose to see your perfection, and start changing the world around you begin to change. Not only will you see perfection in you, also you will see in others.

02. Appreciating instead of criticizing.

It is important to appreciate the things that you like about yourself, both your body and your personality or your ability to appreciate the beauty of life; instead of criticizing all the time for things you did or did not do. Start each day to appreciate you more.
"You must learn to get in touch with the deepest and purest essence of your Being This true essence is beyond the ego knows no fear.; It's free; It is immune to criticism; not afraid of any challenge, is not inferior to anyone, not superior to anyone, it is full of magic, mystery and charm. " - Deepak Chopra

03. Be real.

It is important to be real and true to what you want and feel abandoned without seeking approval from others.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer in his book "Your Erroneous Zones" illustrates the problem that arises when the desire to get approval from a person becomes a necessity.

The problem arises from the moment the concern about what others think represents us a limitation, a bond that imposes certain acts or prevents us to others. You will no longer be yourself to become the opinions that others have of you, to be what others want you to be.

"No matter who you love or criticize you, respect you, honor you and defame you, to crown you or crucify you; because the greatest blessing that is in existence is to be yourself. " - OSHO

04. Rest.

It is important to sleep 7 to 8 hours daily. When the amount of hours needed sleep is not disturbed the nervous system, a state of irritability is generated and lowers the immune system, the body's organs are destabilized. The sleep produces a lot of energy because in sleep the body acts like a battery, it is loaded and this serves to help solve what is unbalanced.

05. Staying in the present moment.

As Eckhart Tolle, renowned spiritual master, the only time that exists is the current explains. There is only the here and now. When you think about the past, you are bringing back memories to the present moment. When you think about the future, you're also doing from the present moment. The past is history, and serves to learn lessons. The future is illusion, not yet reached. This is a gift. Happiness is here and now.
"The secret of mental and physical health is not to mourn for the past, not worrying about the future or anticipate problems, but live wisely and seriously now." - BUDDHA

06. Eating a balanced diet.

Everything we eat represents a positive contribution or potentially toxic to our body. A balanced diet and exercise regularly are the keys to a healthy lifestyle.

basic foods are fruits and vegetables; rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Also important are carbohydrates (cereals, rice, vegetables) without forgetting foods such as dairy, meat, fish and eggs. The components to try to reduce our diet are carbohydrates of rapid assimilation (sugar) and industrially processed foods and saturated fats.

07. take responsibility for your own life.

Live responsibly is to assume the leadership of your own life. It is responsible lets you earn satisfaction, accomplishment, self-esteem, self-respect, wisdom and autonomy. It is to make decisions at all times and face the consequences that carry them. Protagonist is owning and taking charge of your life, in the different roles they choose to live, so that everything you do is after Realization as a person and as a human being transcend.

08. Dedicate yourself to do what you love.

If you do what you love, instead of getting tired, increasingly have more energy and be happier.

If your usual activity is not what your passion is more important to have a hobby, something to do miss dimension of time and energy recharge you.

"Find a job you like, and you'll never work a day in your life".

09. Appreciate everything you have instead of focusing on what you lack.

Is gradually practice the philosophy of seeing the glass half full instead of focusing on seeing half empty glass. It is a choice to do at all times. There is always something to appreciate. Always.

10. Being in touch with nature.

Contact with nature provides many benefits for our physical and mental health. It is essential to find moments of fun, relaxation or new energy to recharge our body and mind needs. It has been found that environmental exposure can have positive effects not only on health, but can also prevent the formation of diseases.

11. To thank for every experience that life offers.

Gratitude is a way to attract more good things into your life.
Thank is to focus on all the good things we have and feel joy for it.

There are no limits on how well you can draw to you. Practicing gratitude every day, you can increase your magnetism to get a full and wonderful life.

12. Share your time with people you love.

Enjoy every moment of your life. Enjoy the small and simple everyday things. There is the basis of happiness.

13. Learn from every situation experienced instead of feeling like a victim.

People who learn from every situation that life offers instead of adopting the position of the victim are considered architects of their destiny, create a vision and commit to it. They take responsibility for what they choose and give 100% in everything they undertake.

It is important to turn difficulties into opportunities and be aware that even in the absence of control we own our reactions and not blame others for situations that touch us through.

14. Make exercise.

Exercise is essential to keep us healthy, counteracts the effects of a sedentary lifestyle and reduces stress. By moving the blood carries more oxygen to the muscles thus increasing their ability to work.

It is best to practice an exercise you like. The ideal frequency would be performed three times a week.

15. Make it fun and have a good mood.

Humor allows us to address a difficult situation differently. It helps us create more relaxed and favorable for decision-making and conflict resolution environments; and it protects, to some extent, stress. Many experts in the field believe that the essence of humor is the ability to laugh at oneself. This attitude is a sign of intelligence and good mental health.
"The peace begins with a smile".

16. Meditate or practice relaxation.

Some of the benefits you can get from the regular practice of meditation or some other method that connects you with your inner are:
Marked stress reduction. Concentration High self-esteem improved. mental clarity. Thinking more positive. Better relationships. A sense of happiness and ability to marvel at life.

17. Traversing fears.

All human beings have fears: Fear of failure, fear of loss, of being wrong, unless ones, afraid to start something new, to form a pair, the future, fear of life, to success, to death. The important thing is encouraged to cross them instead that they take over us and paralyze us. It is important not to focus on them not to give them power and they are not real, they are only in our minds.

18. Think positive.

Probably the most famous and read self-help book the book "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay is. In which states that what we think of ourselves create our reality, we are all responsible for one hundred percent of everything it happens to us in life. because every thing we think is creating our future, that is, each of us creates his experiences with what you think and feel. and this opens up enormous possibilities for change because in our minds the only ones who think us. When we create peace, harmony and balance in our minds, they will become our reality.

From these principles, Louise Hay suggests to us a way of living that will result in greater self-esteem, living together in peace with ourselves and others.

If you think negatively that attract to your life. Change your thinking and change your life.

19. Giving others.

Giving to others one gives to himself. Spiritual teachers insist that the way to grow faster and be happy is to provide service. Giving to others is not just about material things but to give love, support, care, share knowledge or just listen to others.
"Practicing the Law of Giving is very simple: If you want happiness, give happiness to others; if you want love, learn to love others; if you want attention and appreciation, learn to give attention and appreciation; if you want material abundance, help others to have plenty. In fact, the easiest way to get what you want is by helping others get what they want. "
Deepak Chopra

20. Remove the attachments.

Attachment refers to that which you fear losing, things or people that you fear are absent in your life. It is not leaving people or material things but release the need for these people to be whether or if in your life so you can be happy. Release the fear of losing. It is important to release the expectations, the idea of ​​how they should be or see things. The expectation of a certain result causes suffering when things are not equal as planned.
"The expansion of consciousness always requires a leap of faith. You give the step and then receive the reward. There are no guarantees. You have to be willing to jump into the void, nothingness, and drop all illusory. I do not mean you have to start letting your possessions, but you have to let go of the attachment to them. To attain enlightenment, consciousness has to be more important than anything for you to become a one-pointed focus.

The irony is that when you release your attachments, you get it all. We usually have small boxes to which we cling with all our might. We can not get anything else, because all our energy is being spent to protect what we have. When we open our boxes, we open ourselves to receive. The universe wants to give you everything; just open your arms. When you do, what you get is unlimited. " - ISHA
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