Saturday, October 8, 2016

10 Tips to Improve Company Labor Productivity

Labor productivity is something that most workers should be familiar if you want the company more competitive in the workplace. However, despite trying to increase productivity, not all entrepreneurs succeed.

In we will dedicate this post to see some of the techniques that will make the labor productivity of the company increases.

10 Tips to Improve Company Labor Productivity
When we talk about labor productivity of a company, we refer to the relationship between the amount produced in a production process, and the resources used to it. The goal of business is to establish a suitable relationship between the machinery used, staff and other resources necessary to maximize the total output of goods and services.

Getting increase labor productivity of the company implies an improvement in the living standards of the organization. It translates into higher wages, more jobs and more profitability for capital invested. Ultimately drives the growth of the economy.

Therefore, as an entrepreneur there are several activities you can do to achieve greater labor productivity generally all related to the human capital of the company, which ultimately is the most important factor of the company.

  • Try to remember each employee what their objectives. This can be done through regular newsletters, or through direct contact between employer and employee meetings. 
  • It is important to care for the working environment of employees. Health status affects employee productivity. It is therefore important to take care factors such as lighting, tools, chairs, etc. 
  • Despite hold meetings from time to time, a climate of constant communication must exist. Workers should be aware of the situation of the company at all times. 
  • Promote synergy among employees. i.e encourage teamwork. 
  • Incentives are also a factor that increases the productivity of workers, since they are aware that if they reach the objectives set, will be rewarded by the company. 
  • For increased productivity the employer must be able to delegate tasks to employees. 
  • Have adequate and updated technology. This also means that employees are trained to use new technologies. 
  • Encourage employees to be creative, to think about new projects. For this, it is necessary that the company makes available the tools needed to carry them out. 
  • Being in constant contact with customers. The objectives of the company must be linked to their needs. 
  • Constantly evaluate the company and its workers. This allows to know if you are going on the right track or not.
A good labor productivity is the result of knowing how to use the resources available to the company properly. The most difficult to handle, and at the same time the most important; human capital. Unlike some people think, spend more hours at work do not necessarily translate into higher productivity. In we've told you what you must do if you want to increase labor productivity of your company, now is you who must apply.


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