Thursday, September 22, 2016

The #1 Reason You Never Reach Your Goals

Goal setting is HUGE! Without goals to work towards, success is pretty much impossible. It’s in your nature to need to grow, think bigger, and want more. Goals give us something to look to, something to focus on, and something to get us through the times that we want to give up and never work again. Goals are good. Goals are necessary.

The #1 Reason You Never Reach Your Goals
Unfortunately, most people never reach their goals.
Seriously! According to the University of Scranton, 92 percent of people never reach the goals they set. 92 percent! WTF, right?

But guess what? You’re going to join the 8% and step up into a life of success, achievement, and total confidence in your ability to always, always, always reach the goals you set – with this one little secret.
Your goals will always fail if they’re focused on the outside instead of how you want to feel.

Let’s get more specific: you need to set goals; setting goals and working towards them innately feels good and is important. The problem with traditional models of goal setting is that the goals, even when they’re specific and measurable, are completely focused on external circumstances that are, at least partially, out of your control. This pretty much sets you up for failure from the get go and creates a cycle of goal setting, trying, and giving up.

Goals should be specific and can include measurable factors, but it’s key to get to the WHY beneath the WHAT. That’s the secret to success, because focusing on creating the feelings that you want is under your control, doesn’t take “willpower”, and will feel great during the process as well as the destination. Think about it this way: first find the BIG WHY, then make a list of sub-goals that will help you achieve that feeling. All of the steps should be under your control (aka things you can do in the short term without anything crazy needing to happen)

Let’s say your goal is to make $5000 next month from your new e-course. There’s nothing wrong with that goal in theory (there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting lot’s of money – money is awesome – we’ll dive into the weirdness around wanting to be rich in a post soon). The problem is that you can’t totally control who buys your course, how many people buy your course, and how much money you’ll make. Sure, you can take steps to have the best launch ever, but there’s still a lot of uncertainty there. Plus, why do you want to make $5000 in the first place? Is it to have the freedom to take a vacation? The security of knowing you can pay your bills? The independence you’ll have from being able to quit your day job?

THAT’s the secret, right there. So let’s set your goal up like this:
Desired circumstance – I’d like to make $5000 or more from my course launch this month

What I really want – I want the freedom of being financially stable
My intention – to feel FREE
Steps I can take to feel FREE this month that are totally in my control:
  • Take a course launch e-course
  • Write an awesome email campaign
  • Create a killer FB ad and set an automated budget I’m comfortable with
  • Ask my friends and family to share a post about my course
If you set up your goals like this – whether they’re career goals, relationship goals, school goals, life goals – you will 100% succeed and actually reach the goals that you set. These goals are specific, they’re easily doable, and they’re meaningful – you’re fully in control of every step, and you’re focused on the WHY instead of the WHAT, so you really can’t fail!

Share your goals in the comments below – I LOVE hearing about the amazing things you guys are doing.


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