Tuesday, September 20, 2016

How to be Happy: 10 Science-Backed Ways to be Immensely Happy

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Gandhi said that "happiness is achieved when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony." Nothing is truer than this sentence. What happens is that sometimes we do not know how to be happy, even having it all.

Therefore, I have tried to give you the best ways to be happy by collecting top 10 ways from various trusted sources from science research. 

Happy people accomplish more. Easier said than done though, right? Actually, many changes are easy. Here are 10 science-based ways to be immensely happy everyday.

1. Exercise, even for 7 minutes.

Exercise has a profound effect on our happiness and our well-being that has become an effective strategy to combat depression. This is demonstrated by a study cited in Shawn Achor's book, The Happiness Advantage. Three groups of depressed patients treated with medication, sport or a combination of both. The results were surprising: all groups experienced an improvement and only 9% of those who had alleviated her depression with the sport had fallen six months. The benefits of sport are positive in anyone who exercise and want to be a little happier throughout the day.

How to be Happy: 10 Science-Backed Ways to be Immensely Happy
2. Sleep more.

You will be less susceptible to negative emotions. Sleep is very important for the body to recover from your daily activities. It also has very positive effects on our joy. Lack of sleep affects more intensely the hippo-campus, so that people who sleep poorly are more likely to remember negative events intensity and forget the positive. The humor with which we face the early hours of the day can condition the whole day, so it is important to rest well.

3. Spend more time with friends and family.

It sounds cliche, but have not spent enough time with friends and family is one of the main regrets that expresses people before dying.
According to Daniel Gilbert, professor of psychology at Harvard: "We are happy when we have family and we are happy when we have friends, and almost all the other things we think make us happy are actually ways to have more friends and family ". 
Also, the Terman study points out that relationships with others are essential to live a long and happy life. "The clearest benefit of social relationships comes from helping others Those who helped their friends and neighbors, counseling and taking care of others, they tended to live longer than the rest people. "

4. Get outside often.

In the book "The Happiness Advantage", Shawn Achor recommends spending time outdoors to increase the joy and good humor: "One study found that spending 20 minutes on the street in good weather not only promotes good mood, but triggers reflection and improves memory, "he says. So, even if it is simply in the lunch break, book a few minutes a day to give you the fresh air.

5. Help others.

To be happy is essential to help others. And it seems that 100 hours a year (two hours a week) is the time to be spent. The Journal of Happiness Studies published research that alluded to the fact that the people who had been instructed to buy something for someone else experiencing a much greater happiness than those who had bought something themselves.

6. smiles.

It is not pretending, but smile can make us feel better. Of course, it is important that the smile is the product of cultivating positive thoughts, as stated in a study by Michigan State University. This suggests that those who work with the public, if force a fake smile throughout the day cause your mood worse and end up leaving work. However, those who smile as a result of thinking positive thoughts improve their mood and they are happiest.

7. Plan a trip, but do not go.

The fact planning a trip or a break at work can contribute to your well-being. A study published in Applied Research in Quality Life showed that the highest peak of happiness was experienced during the holiday planning, more than during the journey itself. This is linked to the feeling of anticipation.

8. Meditate.

A research team from Massachusetts General Hospital conducted brain scans on 16 people before and after their participation in a meditation course of eight weeks. 
The study, published in Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging, concluded that after completing the course the parts of the brain associated with compassion and conscience had grown, while the parts related to stress are reduced. Also, relax and meditate often clarify our mind, which also contributes to our own happiness.

9. Move in close to work.

The time it takes us to reach the workplace has a great impact on our happiness. At the end of the day, it's something we do twice a day, five days a week, and people who move takes a long time or does uncomfortably is less happy. So says The Art of Manliness: "While many conditions do not affect our long-term happiness because we got used to them, never got used to the daily effort to go to work Sometimes the traffic is awful and sometimes not.".

10. Practice gratitude

Be thankful for the things we value them-which involves in its just measure-is very important to be aware of our happiness and enjoy it more. In fact, participants in an experiment linked to gratitude should, first, write a list of things for which they were grateful, and that simple fact and improved his mood.

As we invest money in certain aspects of life, the same way we invest our time in activities that provide us with large doses of joy. Best of all, is that it is simple things, as Albert Einstein said: 

"A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin, what else does a man need to be happy?".
I’m truly grateful to the people in this blog who have come to read it. If you found this article helpful, please consider supporting the work by sharing on social media.
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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

10 Tips to Launch Blog and Become Success

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If you are going to start blogging professionally or just wants to create personal blog then, before you start you need to know some facts about blogging. I have been blogging since many years, from my mistake to success I have learned many things about blogging and web marketing. If you follow some tips you'll save a lot of time and valuable energy on blogging.
Let me be clear from the beginning, I did not claim to be an expert blogger... but I decided today to share with you 10 tips to launch a blog. You are free to follow or not. I just decided to share my experience to help people like me, who have long hesitated to launch.

I managed to write the following 10 rules (again in my opinion) seem important to respect when you get into the experience of blogging.

10 Tips to Launch Blog and Become Success
1. Establish its editorial

This is really the most important point to define before embarking. An editorial is the theme that we will give to a blog or site, and we will strive to follow. This is to define the theme or themes for future articles we will post. Examples: cooking blog, personal blog, news blog high-tech... This definition of editorial line can go through the development of product categories (for my part I have chosen: Lifestyle, Geek and Photo). The categories help you to store your items by subject and you will avoid too scattered you. The categories also allow the reader to find more easily in what you discuss. Be careful not to create too many categories, you risk losing and losing the reader.

It is obviously necessary to think well be, but also think for the reader. Your choice will probably be between specialized blog or personal blog. This choice will depend on what you want to share.

2. Decide on a domain name

It's a bit like deciding your child's name ... Okay I'm exaggerating a bit! This is still a very important step in creating a blog. The domain name is the URL of your website (that's me www.nashas.com) and this is the URL that will be the basis of all other pages of your blog. You can stay classic and choose your first and last name as a domain name, as I did. 
You'll be very well referenced in search engines when you will type your name for example. Otherwise, you can be more creative and find a pseudonym ... well choose to note because once booked with a web host (see next tip), you will find another domain name if you want to change. I mean that apart from the field (.net, .com, .info .org .co .mobi ...),Once you buy a domain name, you can not change it.

About the area just do not take your head whether you should choose a .com or .net. Where it was important in the last few years to position themselves on one or the other depending on its target, be aware that today's search engines (Google) are no longer the difference.

3. Choose a suitable accommodation

That's it you've found the perfect domain name for your blog? Very good ! Please be aware that there is one last hurdle to overcome before you capture your new address .... We must now check whether the domain name is available! For that is simple, just visit the website of this kind of web host. Once on the site, you will have a search bar, in the "Domain Names". Just run a search to find her happiness.

If your domain name is available, you just have to order it! I suggest you take the simplest offer of accommodation regardless of the web host you chose. For less than 5 euros per month you get your domain name reserved for 1 year and enough storage space to install a blog on a web server. I consider it as ample supply to start and it's more economical for people who wish to engage in blogging cheap.

4. Find a blogging platform

We must now think of the blogging platform that we will install on their server space shiny new that we just had reserved after the domain name. The most popular of these is WordPress and this is the one I selected when I started. Why ? Because it is simple to install, use and maintenance. The WordPress community is very important and there are a host of plug-ins (like Firefox ad-ons) to bring you more features and help you customize your blog. You find plenty of tutorials for WordPress install and learn to use it properly. The above I let you ask your friend Google.

You should know that no WordPress. On the contrary, There are a good platform for ten of which have their advantages as disadvantages. Tumblr is rather simple to install and use. I know some who have looked for this solution and manage to produce quality content. Google's Blogger is also very good ... So you see!

5. To build a corporate identity

Within just the theme installed by default on WordPress or other, it must seek another topic. Again I rely on my personal experience, for my part so I use WordPress and I searched my first theme for several hours. There are lots of free themes and you have to search the web to find one. Do not just type "free wordpress theme" in Google. If you manage to find the gem, the best is yet to test it on a site hosted on your local computer. This way you can test the features and see if the topic found for you.

To go further and distinguish themselves from other blogs, I suggest you go on a paid theme. There are often demo versions. The advantage of this approach is that you will have more options to customize your theme and your blog. You can easily distinguish you from others because your theme will be used much less seen by the community that it pays. Everything will depend on the budget you are willing to put in the creation of your blog. A paid theme is not necessarily expensive. In the worst case you can always learn HTML / CSS to develop your theme yourself ... This solution probably ask you more time!

Who said graphic identity, said theme but also logo (or banner / header). Two solutions are available to you. Either you control a little Photoshop and you are getting heart and soul into creating a logo. Either you use a graphic (if possible a friend that will make you a good price or even free, in exchange for a little pub). The web is full of tutorials rather well done to learn how the logo of your dreams ... Everything is a question of will and money, again if you do not want to pay too much.

    Good if you have followed me so far is that you have already done the most "difficult" and that the rest will be more "simple"!

6. Write the first articles

Nothing is more frustrating than arriving on a very beautiful brand new blog with the sole article, an article in "Overview" or one ticket First, as I have done.  
After my first article I put a lot of time writing a second article (several weeks) and I have not been able to capture the attention from the start ... It is indeed a mistake, hence the idea of the sixth council. 
Before running "officially" or upload your blog, write a few articles (3 or 4) for your first readers have a minimum content to be put in the tooth. With varied themes for your first articles, you will have more chance to reach a wider public.

7. Working with SEO

To make known to the search engines (Google primarily because it is the leader), he will have to work its SEO (Search Engine Optimization or SEO)! Put simply it's all the techniques that will make you go to appear in search results for queries sent by Internet search engines. 
Again there is a huge amount of tutorials to help you learn more about the subject. It is a science that is constantly evolving and always adapt to the new rules to be sure to go up in the results. Because yes on a search results page (Google or other), the first results are more clicked.

The WordPress community (if you ever have chosen this platform) is there to help you with excellent plug-ins like WordPress SEO by Yoast that once installed, will explain in a very didactic way how to optimize your blog and your articles.

8. Communicate on social networks

SHARE, SHARE, SHARE ... Yes it's a little aggressive words like that but it is the basis of all launch blog and even later to promote your articles, if you want out of anonymity. To share your creations on the web, the easiest way is still to use social networks. 
You can create a Facebook page dedicated to your blog, create a table on Pinterest to share images or use Buffer to schedule tweets on Twitter to showcase your work!

There is another way to make themselves known and who is little or rather not quite used by new bloggers, those are the comments! Yes the comments on other blogs are very effective. Readers are much interest to the comments of an article. If you have correctly completed the fields when writing a comment, once validated, your comment will appear with a link and avatar that will lead to your blog. 

It is also a good way to create relationships between bloggers which in turn will comment on your articles!

9. Regularly publish content

When one writes a blog, nothing is guaranteed! Especially in terms of audience. So when you get into blogging must publish content regularly. Please post the contents of QUALITY with a steady pace at the start. This is how you are going to accustom readers to your web presence. They will come more easily if you show them that you are present. If you applied my previous advice then your work will pay and your audience will increase gradually!

However you have to be patient. Ah least to the 'buzz' with an item, you are not going to generate hundreds and hundreds of hits a day early. It took several months before expecting a hundred visitors a day. From my side I try to post at least one article per week rule I do not always respect ... That's why you have to be patient and not get discouraged. It must, poster still post (quality content) to attract attention on you!

10. Indulging first!

Do not have a blog just because it's "cool" to have a blog. If you have made the choice to open your own blog is because you want to write and share your ideas! Do not make this a constraint on the contrary if you have a blog, it is above all for your enjoyment!

That is my ultimate advice: treat yourself first! Do not write under duress as this will impact on the quality of your articles and you will feel the direct reading. For me it often happens to me to start an article and come back later in the draft because of time or interesting ideas ... It also happens to let me hang drafts that I probably never would resume because they n 'longer of interest to me or I found something more interesting to tell. Keep in mind this advice when you start an article!

Now it's your turn !
That's what my 10 tips to launch a blog. Again I am not an expert in the field! So I pressed my 1 year and a half of blogging to write this article. Of course I still have a lot to learn. I may be wrong about some things. That is why I invite you to respond in the comments!
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