Sunday, August 7, 2016

Why People Feel Sad After Sex

Do you feel sad just after having sex? Believe it or not, it's common thing to feel depressed after having sex, even if it was awesomely mind-blowing. According to the Independent it mostly seen in women and these are symptoms of PCD.

Why people feel sad after sex?

Melancholy after sex is a normal phenomenon, common in both men and women by the hormone prolactin in the body caused.

Believe it or not, feel sad after sex can still occur even if you previously very intimate with a partner. In fact, this is not the lack of sensitivity of both common phenomenon which is called melancholy state after sex.

According to Popsugar, melancholy after sex or PCT (post-coital tristesse) derives from the Latin phrases and words postcoitalis tristesse (sadness) in French. PCT sufferers experiencing feelings of sadness, anxiety powerful moment of intimacy has finished or is 2 hours.

Experts explain PCT-related prolactin, hormones help women create milk but also exists in men. When the "top" body releases dopamine producing prolactin to fight, the hormone responsible for sexual stimulation and lead to feelings of melancholy.

Also, while "love", the amount of dopamine creates excitement rising. Until the end, reduced dopamine easily push you into a state of emptiness, anxiety, fear. In addition, sex sometimes make you say things that are not premeditated, e.g desire to have children.

As a result, you will feel ashamed, remorseful and wanted to be alone, to avoid the partner.

By this time I remember a Latin Proverb "All animals are sad after sex" Its true. now if you ask me Is it Normal to be sad or Cry After Sex? I would like to say, Yes it is!


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