Sunday, August 7, 2016

Why Do Women Often Urinate During Sex

Why do women often urinate during sex! Peeing sensation starts after several strokes, you might be one of the lucky women who can orgasm from penetration alone. Don't be shy ladies, need to know more about your sexual health.

Sisters feel urinate while having sex can be caused by inappropriate posture, urinary tract infection or weak uterus.

Sometimes "the love" your feeling hampered urinate. According to Prevention, which can alert a number of health problems and here are four reasons you are feeling that you need to Pee During Sex.

In many countries like India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Indonesia and more talking about sexual health is very difficult cause people feel shy about the topic. But dudes look at the US/Canada or European countries, they are happy and not afraid to talk about their sexual health. If you need take advice from your medical expert.

4 reasons why you want to go to the toilet during sex


If partner has a large waist circumference, a posture easy to make bladder depressed demand led to the toilet.

"The secret" dry

Estrogen vaginal moisture retention and urinary tract. When estrogen levels decline, the mucous membrane of the urinary tract causing dryness women urinate. You can use a moisturizer or estrogen supplements to improve symptoms.


If feeling urinate when sex comes pain, burning when going to the toilet, the more likely you are urinary tract infections, or vaginitis (inflammation of the vagina). Especially, if there is a strange smell or urine and white, gray, you should see a doctor immediately to be prescribed antibiotics.

Weak uterus

In the case of continuous urinate but emit less urine, your uterus is experiencing the problem. Due to age, pregnancy or other factors, uterine muscle weakness caused outside the uterus saggy vagina mouth, put pressure on the bladder. Ideally, you consult your doctor to find out appropriate remedial measures.


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