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The Effects Of Virgin Grass: Use of Mimosa pudica as Harbal Medicine

Mimosa pudica: Virgin grass belongs to the Virgin, the other name is grass ashamed, embarrassed trees, Lojjaboti flower (লজ্জাবতী ফুল), trees are shy drug names in traditional medicine practitioners function as a small plant workshop, large clumped together. Great effect in treating certain diseases. The stem is erect in young plants, as it grows up it gets more exotic. 

What is Mimosa pudica? Or What is Virgin grass?

Plants or plant virgin ashamed, embarrassed tree, the tree of shame, religious functions Draft (scientific name: Mimosa pudica L.) is a small growing plant on earth draft. In India and Bangladesh, its name is Lojjaboti flower (লজ্জাবতী ফুল).


The Effects Of Virgin Grass: Use of Mimosa pudica
Description of Virgin Grass or Mimosa pudica: Small tree, distribution branches, grow in dust, grass, and bushes on the ground, 50cm height, body shape sharp hooks. Even-pinnate compound leaves, twice, stem side propeller classified as shown, use a light touch when it leaves falling back swing, or swing back evening also. Small leaflets include 12-16 pairs.

Small flowers, light purple, together forming the first image. Small borders results, the 2cm long, 2-3mm wide, together forming a star-shaped, with a small bristle-grain, large flats of 2 mm, width 1-1,5mm. Submit small female hemp plants, sprouting review in soil, leaf sheath with fur fringe. When the crash came, and at night, the leaves folded. The Virgin tree is native to Brazil.

Flower season: May 6-8.

Shame trees growing wild in many parts of many countries: roadsides, field bunds, on the hill.

Parts used: Branches, leaves, and roots.

Distribution: Grows wild in many places in our country and many other countries.

Harvesting: In summer, the lush growing plants, cut out parts on the ground, drying is (taking care to avoid defoliants).

Countries Where found Mimosa pudica: You may see virgin grass or exotic plants in many countries. Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Nepal and maybe more countries should be added to the list, but I can't because I don't know other information yet.

What Happen if You touch Mimosa pudica / Lojjaboti flower (লজ্জাবতী ফুল) / Virgin Grass?
The tree is very sensitive. It can erect and move. If you touch anywhere of the tree, it will close its leafs just like closing doors.
Anticonvulsant activity: [chiefly of a drug used to prevent or reduce the severity of epileptic fits or other convulsions] Department of Sciences Research at Biologists, Faculty of Sciences, University of Ngaoundere (Cameroon) noted extract from leaves shy when injected through the membrane being attempted (IP) in mice at a dose of 1000 to 4000 mg / kg body weight to protect mice against seizures caused by strychnine however pentylenetetrazol and this service does not affect the convulsions induced by phototropic, and more antagonistic effect with the reaction of mentally caused by N-methyl-D.

Antidepressant activity (antidepressant): Research at the University of Veracruz (Mexico) recorded water extracted from the dried leaves of Mimosa pudica antidepressant effects when tested on mice. Experiments also use clomipramine, desipramine to compare and placebo (0.9% saline). Doses used have been changed (using 4 different sizes from 2 mg, 4 mg, 6 mg and 8 mg/kg). Mice were tested by forced swimming test.

Activity against anxiety: was compared to diazepam, try using the mouse test run through the complex path (maze). The results scored: clomipramine (1,3 mg / kg, IP injection), desipramine (2.14mg / kg IP) and Mac (6,0mg / kg and 8.0 mg / kg IP) reduced reaction estate right in the test began swimming.
Mimosa pudica no action on the maze test. The researchers said that the activity of shy mechanism similar tricycle type depression group.

The effects on ovulation cycle: Research at Annamalai University, Tamilnadu (India): mimosa pudica root powder (150 mg/kg body weight) when administered through the stomach, changing where rats oestrous cycle Rattus norvegicus ones. Type ganglion cells (nucleated and cornified) will not appear. Mucus only the number of leukocytes .. simultaneously ordinary eggs significantly reduced, while the number of eggs deteriorated increased. (Phytotherapy Research Number 16-2002). Activity lowers blood sugar: The extract from the leaves embarrassed by ethanol, drinking mice, doses of 250 mg/kg showed the effect of lowering blood sugar fairly obvious (Fitoterapia No. 73-2002).

Function: Sedation, analgesia, except rheumatism,

Parts used as drugs of virgin grass roots and foliage. The roots were dug throughout the year, sliced, dried or dried. Foliage harvested in summer, use fresh or dried.

Medicinal taste sweet, slightly astringent, slightly cold calculation, an effective sedative to calm anti-inflammatory, soothes pain, pressure, volume consumption, diuretic, used in the following cases:

The roots are used in all ashamed drugs with acrid, slightly bitter, warm, toxic, with effects only the expression, cultural talks, through economic, communication activities, drawn position, objectives achievement.

Cure arthritis, back pain, osteoarthritis pain, paralyzed limbs: virgin roots sliced, soaked in alcohol, so fragrant (20-30g) was excellent with 100ml 400ml water, 2 times a day orally. If pharmaceuticals can cook a lot of high-liquid, then bartender for personal use.

How to Use Virgin Trees as Herbal Medicine at Home

Mimosa pudica can be used in many ways to cure many diseases (research going on in Oxford University). Used alone or in coordination with other herbs according to the following formula:
  • Lesson 1: root virgin, grapefruit extract roots, roots chrysanthemum each 20g frequency; steering nail root, licorice root 10g wire each. Excellent drink during the day can soak liquor. 
  • Lesson 2: Root virgins, both climbing (Games Simulation) each 20g; 15g scratched grass roots; 10g lemongrass roots. All the gold stars, great drink on a ladder. 
  • Lesson 3: virgin roots, trunk chili lane large leaves, stems foam frog, whooping each 10g root, dong female white roots, fruits golden dodder, each 8g. All cooked with water 2 times, then her high into the liquid. 2 times a day orally. 
  • Lesson 4: virgin 10g roots; foil mills, sea spinach, passion, scratched grass roots, leaves guise 3g each. Superb braking with boiling water or drinking. 
  • Lesson 5: roots virgins, sacrificed Them, prickly range saucepan, rope bone pain, Millennium event, breaking for parts, continuous piece, cord plugged, blood inventory over 12g each. Excellent drink or soak in drinks.

The Effects Of Virgin Grass: Use of Mimosa pudica as Harbal Medicine
Foliage used in Oriental medicine Drug, stems and leaves of shame is sweet, slightly bitter, cold calculation, toxic fumes; sound effects can fire, sedative, objectives achievement, detoxification.

The modern research shows that plants have embarrassed inhibitory effect CNS, cure insomnia. It also has the ability to slow down time appeared convulsions, pain and acid detoxification.

Here are some specific applications:

- To treat insomnia and relieve nerve: can get embarrassing 6-12 g leaves excellence for water, drink before bedtime. You can also get embarrassed leaves, wire passion, a technical circuit (primary root hair trees), seeds sienna stars, nostalgic paint (lacquer tubers) each of 20 g, excellent drink.

- Relieve aching bones: Tree roots cut into pieces shame thin, dry. Every day for 120 g of roasted brought up, then 35-40 degrees soaked in alcohol and then dry roasted. For 600 ml of water, 200-300 ml size also, divided 2-3 times/day. After 4-5 days will see results.

- Treatment of chronic gastritis, flower eyes, headaches, insomnia: embarrassing 10-15 g roots, excellent drinking water.

- Chronic Bronchitis: shy 30g, 16g Cam excellent drink root leaves, divided into two doses.

- Chronic inflammation of the trachea: Tree roots ashamed 100 g with 600 ml of watercolors for 100 ml, 2 divided doses during the day; each 10-day treatment course. The clinical observation that 70% of patients cured or get better after 1 treatment course. This rate is 80% after 2-3 treatment course.

- Healing Zona: Leaves embarrassed smashed up into the site of disease

- Cure discharge: Fresh pounding virgin roots, extraction of the juice, sweetened and drink 3 times a day. 2 tablespoons each time in a week.

- Treatment of hypertension: virgin foliage, chlorophyll monitoring department, great flowers, the back, pass key, Erythrina oriental leaves, seeds Sicklepod (stars), leaves every taste 8g white crane, red Polygonum, mourning parasitic every taste 6g, 4g of long addresses. Excellent drink during the day. Can spread the dough, fine sieve, doing exercises with park lake, drinking 20-30g per day.

Special attention: According to traditional medicine, virgin shell anesthetic effect, high doses of anesthesia. Pregnant women should not be used.


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