Monday, August 8, 2016

Talking About Sex With Your Partner: How Easy or Difficult?

Do you talk about sex with your spouse? To step up your relationship to an intimate stage you should be friendly with your partner. If the current chat room is not as expected, one of the main ways in which you should try to speak directly to their wishes. Psychologists recommend that frank talk about what you want or do not want is a great solution to sublimate sex.

Talking About Sex With Your Partner: How Easy or Difficult?
Why do we need to talk about sex with your spouse?

Each person will have a hobby and different conceptions of sex. Therefore, the risk of conflicts or dissatisfied when sex is not excluded. However, if you do not express the thoughts and feelings of their opponents, they may not know what you're expecting to be able to meet. This greatly affects the relationship, because the silence endured the chat rooms are not like that will make you love losing inspiration, even bored her mate.

So, your communication is playing a big role in the relationship between two people, because only in that way will you be able to share feelings and solve problems together, in sex, too.

Silence as conflict increases

If there are problems that arise in life do you get tired or two unfulfilled sex, the best way is that you should speak out instead of trying to hide. Because increasingly ignoring conflict, the distance between you and the greater the problem will become more difficult to resolve.

Silence makes opponents misunderstood

If you want to reduce the frequency of love down but did not specify the reason for the enemy, he may assume that you no longer love him or her as before. If you clear about what it wants and make a logical reason, such as work pressure or simply reduced demand, then surely he can fully understand and do as you

How to be more open about the "sex"?

Choose the right time
Do not mention your frustrations within the love, because then your emotions are being dominated. Instead, you gently suggested to talk about and then select a romantic night, relaxed to talk together.

Set aside a separate time periods

You should prepare a talk seriously and only two people. Do not let the conversation was interrupted by the ringing phone, email or by the main job of your kids offline.

Preparation before content

It sounds very rigid, but in truth, everything should be prepared to get the results you want, love story, too. Moreover, the chat rooms is a problem is a delicate and sensitive, so you should prepare in advance for the content and wording, the result will be better. This makes it possible to actively control the conversation and do not say the words he misinterpreted or injury.

People used to easily communicate with each other on many topics in everyday life but afraid to talk about it. Partly because Eastern culture has yet to open on this issue should talk about the topic of sex is a very difficult job, especially for women. However, you should know this is a very ordinary job and needed to marriage always harmonious, happy.

Hopefully, you and your partner have a great sex life.


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