Thursday, August 4, 2016

Are You Depressed? 10 Signs Of Depression In Women

Are You Depressed? 10 Symptoms of Female Depression!

It is very alarming number of causes of depression among women. Depression in especially female because, according to scientific studies, for each depressive man two women with depression. 10% of the population suffers from depression to varying degrees.
Depression can be cured if the symptoms are identified early.

The diagnosis of depression and treat properly is crucial to recover the quality of life of the depressed patient. Treatment of depression is based on medication and therapy. Cognitive therapy is a major weapon against depression. The therapist focuses its activities on helping the patient to review their thoughts and emotions from there, change their behavior.

Hormonal factors may contribute to the increased frequency of causes of depression in women. In particular, changes in the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, abortion, postpartum period and menopause.


Many women have more stress the responsibilities of child care, home maintenance and labor. Some women have a greater burden of responsibility for being single mothers or for taking care of elderly parents. To identify if you are depressed I made a short list of top
symptoms of female depression or causes of depression in women.
These are some of the symptoms of depression. Answer these questions honestly and if there are many positive answers, dear friend, it's time to seek help from a specialist and start treatment.

Top 10 Symptoms of female depression!

  1. No reason to head relative fills you with feelings of sadness, melancholy? 
  2. Do not have patience with anything and moodiness prevails in your behavior? 
  3. Have you lost interest in activities once you filled with pleasure, like sex for example? 
  4. Have you stopped wanting to eat his favorite dish and no longer brightens my day? 
  5. Do you lose or gain weight suddenly? 
  6. How much sleep peacefully and not many hours ago? Do you have trouble sleeping? 
  7. Do you feel discomfort and a continued feeling tired for no clear reason? 
  8. Do you have self-esteem in tatters with frequent feeling of inferiority or guilt? 
  9. Do you have the muddled mind with problems to be concentrated, organize your ideas or make decisions? 
  10. Do you think often about death or suicide?
Those are Ten question to know the symptoms of female depression.
Answer these question honestly to identify if you are in depression. Use only "YES/ NO" to answer. If answer is YES then you are in depression, you should take advice from any medical assistant. Out of 10 question the more answer is YES the depression level is that higher to you.


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