Monday, August 8, 2016

5 Things Every Girl Should Remember To Take The Initiative in Love

Love sometimes you turn an ordinary girl from a princess to become the happiest of the earth, but also can make you suffer to the extent of the world seemed to collapse. A relationship can make you the best person of the world also can make the worst person. However, every girl fall in love once in life at least. But before you be initiative with your first love, Keep in mind the following 5 things will help you stay independent in your relationships.

1. Be patient

Maybe you're feeling jealous or unhappy because had friends around her lover while still lonely. At this point, you do not rush finding a relationship that just knows patience and know how to love themselves. The reason is that everyone needs to learn to love yourself first before you can love others. And if you are not really ready for love, try to erase the thought of dating by spending time with family and friends

2. Love must come from both sides

If you often tormented with thoughts like, "I do something wrong?", "My feelings are not enough?", "He / she loves me or not?", ... It's time to accept recognize that this is not true love for you. By a relationship can only bring lasting and happy feelings come from both sides, while both respecting and bring happiness to each other rather than the concerns, doubts.

3. Knowing the right time to stop

In fact, if you really know how to love, the advice of the people around him stop often ineffective. Meanwhile, you should spend more time to reflect on their relationship. Really, girls will know whether this relationship can continue or not and make rational decisions. Sometimes, if realized personality, lifestyle or orientation of his future did not suit her, then you should stop before going too far affection. The decision will be a little difficult, but the time will soothe everything and this is when you know the heart is capable of a strong recovery to be.

4. Do not let social networking dominate too much

In fact, the notification for the world to know about him today you and where to go, what to eat, meet someone, talk on any subject, ... are not essential. Sometimes, it is not good if all handicapped your personal matters become the talk of gossip Assembly. Even negative comments also make you vulnerable

5. Make love, not to endure

When you love someone, you should put the joy of the first priority of a relationship. Remember, you are still young, and youth should enjoy the good things and not have to endure the pain, urgent. Above all, you should remind yourself that whatever you do must also retain the identity and the "I" of their own, not because of love that transform itself into a completely different person towards negative. You have to accept that both can quarrel, conflict and separation.

Anyway, if you have felt unable to continue, do not try to hold on and put pressure in a relationship, because both you and your partner do not deserve it.

Love you can be a beautiful emotions, but can also be a shake of the head at the memory, it depends on the feeling and how your handle in a relationship. When in love, you can love wholeheartedly, but you should also lead to rational to contribute to making love becomes better.


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